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Helper library for Pyramid applications based on Traversal

Project description

The library provides tools to build resource tree for applications that use traversal routing. It has been developed to be used with Pyramid web application framework, however it does not depend on it and can be used within any application.

It helps implement resource tree hierarchy in a simple declarative way:

>>> from traversalkit import Resource, DEC_ID

>>> class Root(Resource):
...     """ Tree root """

>>> @Root.mount('users')
... class Users(Resource):
...     """ Users collection """

>>> @Users.mount_set(DEC_ID, metaname='user_id')
... class User(Resource):
...     """ User resource """

>>> @Root.mount('posts')
... @User.mount('posts')
... class Posts(Resource):
...     """ Posts collection """

>>> @Posts.mount_set(DEC_ID, metaname='post_id')
... class Post(Resource):
...     """ Post resource """

>>> for route in Root.routes():
...     print(route)
<Route: />
<Route: /posts/>
<Route: /posts/{post_id}/>
<Route: /users/>
<Route: /users/{user_id}/>
<Route: /users/{user_id}/posts/>
<Route: /users/{user_id}/posts/{post_id}/>

These resources comply Pyramid traversal interface and Pyramid location awareness interface.

>>> root = Root()
>>> user = root['users']['1']
>>> user
<User: /users/1/>
>>> user.__name__
>>> user.__parent__
<Users: /users/>
>>> user['posts']
<Posts: /users/1/posts/>
>>> user['documents']  # DOCTEST: +ellipsis
Traceback (most recent call last):
KeyError: ('documents', '/users/1/')


  • Fixed typos of README.rst and CHANGES.rst.


  • Added support of conditional routes.

  • Added support of resource tree introspection by Resource.routes().

  • Added resource URI into raising errors to make them more informative.

  • Added support of disengageable resource cache.


  • Added method Resource.get().


Initial release.

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