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C++ implemenation of UnionFind with a python binding

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C++ implementation of the Union-Find decoder arXiv:1709:06218. Python interface is also implemented using pybind11.

Based on a Python implementation by Kai Meinerz.

Under the LGPL lisence.

This repository includes codes for arXiv:2101.07285 which explores a machine learning assisted preprocessing combined with conventional decoders such as minimum-weight perfect matching (MWPM) and the Union-Find decoder.


Currently, you can install this project by cloning the source code tree and compiling it. To clone the source tree, use git clone as

git clone && cd UnionFind
git submodule update --init --recursive

Then you can compile the code using

pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 install

Note that a compiler with some C++20 supports (e.g. GCC version => 10 or Clang++ version => 12) is required. For example, if you are using Ubuntu

apt install -y g++-10
CXX=g++-10 python3 install

will work.

PyPI support will be available soon.

Basic Usage

from UnionFindPy import Decoder
decoder = Decoder(parity_matrix)
decoder.decode(syndromes) # syndromes is a list of measurment outcomes of each parity operator

For details, check the document and examples directory.


This repository does not contain an implementation of weighted Union-Find decoder.


When you cite this repository, please use the following:

    author = {Chae-Yeun Park and Kai Meinerz},
    title = {Open-source C++ implementation of the Union-Find decoder},
    year = {2020},
    publisher = {GitHub},
    journal = {GitHub repository},
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