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Deluge plugin for automatic torrents updates

Project description

What’s that

deluge-updatorr is a Deluge plugin for automatic torrents updates.

If you’re periodically checking your favourite torrent tracker site, on which torrents are organized as articles (i.e forum-like tracker), to verify whether specific torrents have been updated (e.g. torrent bundling some TV-series is updated with a new episode), then Updatorr is might be of use.

You activate Updatorr plugin, set autoupdate period and trackers sites credentials, choose torrents to be updated from Deluge torrents list, and Updatorr will do checks for you. When torrent update is available, Updatorr will replace old torrent with an updated one, and download new files from new torrent.

Automatic updates are available for:

Deluge is a lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client. Download it at


Open Deluge, go to “Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin” and choose Updatorr .egg file.

If you are to build .egg file from source code yourself use python bdist_egg command in source code root directory.


Q: I installed Updatorr and checked it on plugins page, but Updatorr page is not shown in preferences dialog.

A: 1. Verify that you downloaded and installed Updatorr for the same Python

version your Deluge is working on. Updatorr is available from PyPI in distribution for Python 2.7.

  1. Verify that python-setuptools package is installed.

Q: It seems that Updatorr doesn’t work with my OS/Python/Deluge/GTK+ versions.

A: Updatorr is developed and used with Ubuntu, Python 2.7, Deluge 1.3.3, GTK+ 2.24. It may or may not work with other software. Anyway you’re always welcome to improve Updatorr to support those (see Get involved section down below).

Trackers Handlers

The information below is intended for those wishing to enable Updatorr autoupdates for their favourite tracker site.

In order to perform automatic updates Updatorr should be instructed how to perform those, as different torrent tracking sites require different machinery to get updated torrents.

Tracker handlers are nothing more as relatively simple scripts in great Python programming language.

To create a tracker handler class one needs to:

  1. Have essential knowledge in Python programming;

  2. Get Updatorr source code from;

  3. Create hander_{mytracker}.py file under updatorr/tracker_handlers/;

  4. In that file subclass BaseTrackerHandler and implement its get_torrent_file() method; Note: See base class properties and methods, as they might be of use.

  5. In that file register you class with register_tracker_handler().

Tracker handler sample updatorr/tracker_handlers/

from updatorr.handler_base import BaseTrackerHandler
from updatorr.utils import register_tracker_handler

class MyTrackHandler(BaseTrackerHandler):

    # Let's suppose that tracker site doesn't require authorization.
    login_required = False

    def get_torrent_file(self):
        # Here one should implement .torrent file download and
        # save into filesystem. See BaseTrackerHandler fo helper methods.
        torrent_filepath = '/somewhere/in/my/filesystem/new.torrent'
        return torrent_filepath

register_tracker_handler('', MyTrackHandler)
register_tracker_handler('', MyTrackHandler)

It is not that as if only the BaseTrackerHandler class is at your service. You can speed up your development using GenericTrackerHandler, GenericPublicTrackerHandler and GenericPrivateTrackerHandler classes, each on which introduces different levels of abstraction.

See updatorr/tracker_handlers/ and updatorr/ for reference. Read docstrings of Updatorr.

Get involved into deluge-updatorr

Submit issues. If you spotted something weird in application behavior or want to propose a feature you can do that at

Write code. If you are eager to participate in application development, fork it at, write your code, whether it should be a bugfix or a feature implementation, and make a pull request right from the forked project page.

Spread the word. If you have some tips and tricks or any other words in mind that you think might be of interest for the others — publish it.

The tip

You might be interested in considering other Deluge plugins at

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