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vl53l1x distance sensor driver for Raspberry Pi

Project description


Python library for the VL53L1X Laser Ranger.


sudo pip install smbus2
sudo pip install vl53l1x


import VL53L1X

# Open and start the VL53L1X sensor.
# If you've previously used then you
# should use the new i2c address here.
# If you're using a software i2c bus (ie: HyperPixel4) then
# you should `ls /dev/i2c-*` and use the relevant bus number.
tof = VL53L1X.VL53L1X(i2c_bus=1, i2c_address=0x29)

# Optionally set an explicit timing budget
# These values are measurement time in microseconds,
# and inter-measurement time in milliseconds.
# If you uncomment the line below to set a budget you
# should use `tof.start_ranging(0)`
# tof.set_timing(66000, 70)

tof.start_ranging(1)  # Start ranging
                      # 0 = Unchanged
                      # 1 = Short Range
                      # 2 = Medium Range
                      # 3 = Long Range

# Grab the range in mm, this function will block until
# a reading is returned.
distance_in_mm = tof.get_distance()


See examples for more advanced usage.


  • Enhancement: support for ROI thanks to @jinnie


  • Enhancement: support for tca9548a, for #13
  • Enhancement: support for i2c address change, for #14
  • Enhancement: support for setting timing budget, for #16
  • Synced API code with latest release from ST


  • Fix: Use i2c_bus param for use with alternate buses/soft i2c


  • Improved search for .so file to pick up arch-specific files


  • Initial release

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VL53L1X-0.0.5.tar.gz (182.3 kB view hashes)

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