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Ensures all members of a Groupme chat are vibin.

Project description

VibeBot WTFPL Package Pypi

Ensures all members of a Groupme chat are vibin. Warning: will remove users until the vibe is achieved.


Daniel Gisolfi - All current work - dgisolfi

Groupme Bot

A GroupMe bot can be created here and using the Groupme API can send messages to its assigned group. This particular bot uses a callback URL to be notified of new messages. Once notified the message will be parsed and a response will be created if the USER_ID of the sender matches that of the USER_ID environment variable.


Once a bot is registered with Groupme the following requirements must be specified in the form of environment variables:

  • USER_ID - The ID of the user that should be mocked in the group chat.

    Example: USER_ID=29384

  • BOT_ID - The assigned bot ID by GroupMe.

    Example: BOT_ID=a6a7a7a7a7a7a7a7a77a7a7

  • GROUP_ID - The ID of the Groupme Chat where the bot resides

    Example: GROUP_ID=0987890987

  • API_TOKEN - The api token for the authorized Groupme account

    Example: API_TOKEN=983u4ritgo0v98ujkorf

After the environment variables have been set run the Flask server, python3 -m VibeBot

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