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Record activity from a WSGI application, and generate WebTest tests from that record

Project description

This package lets you record all the requests and responses of an application, and then create a doctest from that. (There’s no real reason it couldn’t be a unit test… just haven’t written that yet.)

The recorder is a piece of middleware. You use it like this:

from webtestrecorder import record_file

app = ... instantiate app ...
app = record_file(app, '/tmp/record.txt')

All requests and responses will be written to this file. You can read them out like so:

from webtestrecorder import get_records

records = get_records(open('/tmp/record.txt', 'rb'))

records is a list of requests, and each request has a .response attribute. You can then create a test:

from webtestrecorder import write_doctest

write_doctest(records, open('/tmp/doctest.txt', 'wb'))

You can also use this like a shell script:

$ python -m webtestrecorder < /tmp/record.txt > /tmp/doctest.txt

Apache Logs

You can read requests and responses from Apache logs via webtestrecorder.apachelog.parse_apache_log(). A constraint of this is that request bodies won’t be present, and responses just have a status code and Content-Length, the Content-Type is unknown and the body is padded with null bytes.

Rerunning requests

The module webtestrecorder.http can take a list of requests/responses and send them to a server, effectively replaying requests. This is also a command-line program usable like:

$ python -m webtestrecorder.http apache_access.log --host localhost:8000

You can filter or rewrite these requests with a custom filter function. See python -m webtestrecorder.http -h for more.



  • Packaging fixes


  • Initial release

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