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A Modern Python wrapper for WinPcap

Project description

A Modern Python wrapper for WinPcap
Access WinPcap through ctypes.

Based on Massimo Ciani’s WinPcapy (


pip install winpcapy


Quick packet live log printer

>>> from winpcapy import WinPcapUtils
# run on the first Ethernert interface and print a log for each packet
>>> WinPcapUtils.capture_on_and_print("*Ethernet*")
16:05:49,624258 len:199
16:05:49,685950 len:60
16:05:49,686022 len:54
16:05:49,767311 len:66
16:05:49,819156 len:66
16:05:50,052113 len:92
16:05:50,128862 len:60

Easy Packet live callback

from winpcapy import WinPcapUtils

# Example Callback function to parse IP packets
def packet_callback(win_pcap, param, header, pkt_data):
    # Assuming IP (for real parsing use modules like dpkt)
    ip_frame = pkt_data[14:]
    # Parse ips
    src_ip = ".".join([str(ord(b)) for b in ip_frame[0xc:0x10]])
    dst_ip = ".".join([str(ord(b)) for b in ip_frame[0x10:0x14]])
    print("%s -> %s" % (src_ip, dst_ip))

WinPcapUtils.capture_on("*Ethernet*", packet_callback)

Device/Interface enumeration

>>> from winpcapy import WinPcapDevices
# Return a list of all the devices detected on the machine
>>> WinPcapDevices.list_devices()
{'\\Device\\NPF_{0A78B7C8-F023-1337-1337-84D448AA5126}': 'Microsoft',
 '\\Device\\NPF_{2997B9BB-AA53-1337-1337-B862F874271C}': 'Microsoft',
 '\\Device\\NPF_{C2EAA982-F851-1337-1337-B8D2A9BCE406}': 'Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I218-LM',
 '\\Device\\NPF_{EAF47DBE-5B49-1337-1337-BD059E02666B}': 'Microsoft'}

 # Itearte over devices (in memory), with full details access
>>> with WinPcapDevices() as devices:
...     for device in devices:
...         print, device.description, device.flags ,device.addresses.contents.netmask.contents.sa_family
"\Device\NPF_{0A78B7C8-F023-1337-1337-84D448AA5126} Microsoft 0 0"
"\Device\NPF_{C2EAA982-F851-1337-1337-B8D2A9BCE406} Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I218-LM 0 0"
"\Device\NPF_{EAF47DBE-5B49-1337-1337-BD059E02666B} Microsoft 0 0"
"\Device\NPF_{2997B9BB-AA53-1337-1337-B862F874271C} Microsoft 0 0"

Easy Packet sending

from winpcapy import WinPcapUtils
# Build a packet buffer
# This example-code is built for tutorial purposes, for actual packet crafting use modules like dpkt
arp_request_hex_template = "%(dst_mac)s%(src_mac)s08060001080006040001" \
                           "%(sender_mac)s%(sender_ip)s%(target_mac)s%(target_ip)s" + "00" * 18
packet = arp_request_hex_template % {
    "dst_mac": "aa"*6,
    "src_mac": "bb"*6,
    "sender_mac": "bb"*6,
    "target_mac": "cc"*6,
    "sender_ip": "c0a80001",
    "target_ip": "c0a80002"
# Send the packet (ethernet frame with an arp request) on the interface
WinPcapUtils.send_packet("*Ethernet*", packet.decode("hex"))

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