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A WolframAlpha API Wrapper for Python.

Project description

WolframAlpha Python API Wrapper

This is an API wrapper for the Wolfram Alpha API. It contains functions for the Simple, Short Answers, Full Results and Conversational APIs.


Python 3.5 of higher is required

Linux & macOS

python3 -m pip install


py -3 -m pip install

You can always use the Github Dev version before the release on Pypi by cloning the repo and upgrading the package locally.

Getting Started

  • You must have a WolframAlpha account in order to get the AppID. You can create an account here.
  • Then you must create an application at the WolframAlpha Developer Portal. AppID
  • Copy the AppID. You will use this to initialize the WolframPy Application later on.

Application Example

from wolfram import App

wolfram = App("APP_ID") # Make sure to replace the ID with your own

This will generate an image with information about the american population and save it with the name "america_population.png". If no second param is provided, it will be saved as "wolframpy_content.png"
wolfram.simple("Population of America", "america_population")


class wolfram.App(appID)

class App:
    def __init__(self, appID): = appID
        self.SIMPLE_BASE = ""
        self.FULL_BASE = ""
        self.SHORT_BASE = ""
        self.CONV_BASE = ""

    Create a request to the WolframAPI
    def create_request(self, BASE, **kwargs):
        return requests.get(BASE + "?" + '&'.join(f"{i}={kwargs[i]}" for i in kwargs) + "&appid=" +

    Fetch an info image and save it locally

    Example: wolfram.App(app_id).simple("Value of Gold", "valueOfGold")
    def simple(self, query:lambda arg:fix_format(arg), fp:lambda arg:str(arg)="wolframpy_content"):
        _data = self.create_request(self.SIMPLE_BASE, i=query)

        if _data.status_code == 200:
            with open(fp+".png", "wb") as f:
                for chunk in _data.iter_content(1024):
        if _data.status_code == 404:
            raise APIError("The WolframAPI is currently unreachable!")
        if _data.status_code == 501:
            raise InputError("Could not understand input.")

    Receive a dictionary of information about the query. Recommended for experts.

    Example: wolfram.App(app_id).full("Value of Gold")
    def full(self, query:lambda arg:fix_format(arg)):
        return self.create_request(self.FULL_BASE, input=query, output="json").json()

    Receive a line-long answer to a query
    def short(self, query:lambda arg:fix_format(arg)):
        return self.create_request(self.SHORT_BASE, i=query).text

    Use the ConversationalAPI to talk. Returns a dictionary

    Example: wolfram.App(app_id).talk("How are you?")
    def talk(self, query:lambda arg:fix_format(arg)):
        return self.create_request(self.CONV_BASE, i=query, s=5).json()

Asynchronous Usage


import wolfram, asyncio, json

app = wolfram.AsyncApp("APP_ID")

async def getQuery():
    data = json.loads(await app.full("Population of America"))
    with open("wolfram.json", "w+") as f:
        json.dump(data, f, indent=4)

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


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