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Port of XSteam tables by Magnus Holmgren to python

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Port of XSteam tables into Python originally released by Magnus Holmgren.

XSteam provides steam and water properties according to IAPWS release IF-97. The range of applicability is from 0-1000 bar and 0-2000 °C.

Some transport properties (thermal conductivity and viscosity) are also available and based upon IAPWS 1998.


Two options are available. The first is to install from PyPI using pip

pip install XSteamPython

Or by cloning and running

python install


XSteamPython only requires that SciPy be installed.

For development, all dependencies are contained in requirements.txt.


>>> import XSteamPython as stm
>>> enthalpy=stm.h_pT(101.0, 300.0)
>>> print(enthalpy)
>>> stm.switchUnits()
Using English units
>>> enthalpy=stm.h_pT(14.7, 70.0)
>>> print(enthalpy)
>>> dir(stm)
['Boundaries', 'Constants', 'Convert', 'P_hs', 'Pr_pT', 'Pr_ph', 'Psat_T', 'Psat_s', 'Region1', 'Region2', 'Region3', 'Region4', 'Region5', 'Regions', 'T_hs', 'T_ph', 'T_ps', 'Tsat_p', 'Tsat_s', 'Viscosity', 'XSteamPython', '__builtins__', '__cached__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__loader__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__', '__spec__', 'cpL_T', 'cpL_p', 'cpV_T', 'cpV_p', 'cp_pT', 'cp_ph', 'cp_ps', 'cvL_T', 'cvL_p', 'cvV_T', 'cvV_p', 'cv_pT', 'cv_ph', 'cv_ps', 'englishUnits', 'hL_T', 'hL_p', 'hV_T', 'hV_p', 'h_Tx', 'h_pT', 'h_ps', 'h_px', 'kappa_pT', 'kappa_ph', 'math', 'my_pT', 'my_ph', 'my_ps', 'rhoL_T', 'rhoL_p', 'rhoV_T', 'rhoV_p', 'rho_pT', 'rho_ph', 'rho_ps', 'sL_T', 'sL_p', 'sV_T', 'sV_p', 's_pT', 's_ph', 'st_p', 'st_t', 'surfaceTension_T', 'switchUnits', 'tcL_T', 'tcL_p', 'tcV_T', 'tcV_p', 'tc_hs', 'tc_pT', 'tc_pTrho', 'tc_ph', 'uL_T', 'uL_p', 'uV_T', 'uV_p', 'u_pT', 'u_ph', 'u_ps', 'vL_T', 'vL_p', 'vV_T', 'vV_p', 'v_pT', 'v_ph', 'v_ps', 'vx_ph', 'vx_ps', 'wL_T', 'wL_p', 'wV_T', 'wV_p', 'w_pT', 'w_ph', 'w_ps', 'x_ph', 'x_ps']

Note that calling stm.switchUnits() changes from SI to English units and vice versa. Default is SI units.


The syntax for function calling is first the wanted property, followed by an underscore followed by input property(ies). Example:

h_pT(101.0, 300.0)

The example will return enthalpy given a pressure (101 kPa) and temperature (300 °C).

Property Key
T Temperature (°C or °F)
p Pressure (kPa or psi)
h Enthalpy (kJ/kg or btu/lb)
v Specific volume (m**3/kg or ft**3/lb)
rho Density (kg/m**3 or lb/ft**3)
s Specific entropy (kJ/(kg°C) or btu/(lb°F))
u Specific internal energy (kJ/kg or btu/lb)
Cp Specific heat capacity constant pressure (kJ/(kg°C) or btu/(lb°F))
Cv Specific heat capacity constant volume (kJ/(kg°C) or btu/(lb°F))
w Speed of sound (m/s or ft/s)
my Viscosity (N*s/m**2 or lbm/ft/hr)
Pr Prandtl number
kappa Heat capacity ratio
tc Thermal Conductivity (W/(m*°C) or btu/(h*ft*°F))
st Surface Tension (N/m or lb/ft)
x Vapor fraction (dmnls)
vx Vapor Volume Fraction (dmnls)

Some functions can have a little extra after the wanted property

Tag Key
L Liquid phase
V Vapor phase
sat At saturation

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