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Simple framwork for executing python functions via Slack

Project description

# Yasuf — Yet Another Slack, Ummm, Framework
Very simple way of controlling your Python application via Slack.

Yasuf consist of a single, simple decorator that allows you to execute the decorated function via Slack and get it's output back, without modifying the function in any way.

Let's say you have a function `say_hello` that takes a single integer argument, prints out "Hello!" that many times and returns string describing how many times it has done so:

def say_hello(count):
for i in range(count):
return "I've just said Hello! {} times!".format(count)

Controlling this function is as simple as decorating it with the `yasuf.handle` decorator:

from yasuf import Yasuf

yasuf = Yasuf('slack-token')

You can get your token [here](

@yasuf.handle('Say hello ([0-9]+) times!', channel='#general', types=[int])
def say_hello(count):

The first argument of `handle` specifies the regexp that the function should respond to, where each capture group corresponds to one argument of the decorated function, `channel` specifies which channel it should be listening to and `types` is a list of functions that will be applied to the captured arguments to convert them from string to whatever the decorated function expects.

Now you can run (or run_async).


From now on whenever you type `Say hello 3 times!` Yasuf will response with a couple hellos. Or you can ask Yasuf what he knows with the built-in function 'help'.

## Installation
```python3 -m pip install --user yasuf```

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