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Zope2 application server / web framework

Project description


Zope2 is an open-source web application server.

This document provides some general information about Zope2 and provides links to other documents.

Installation information can be found in doc/INSTALL.rst. Other documentation is also in the “doc” directory and in the documentation section at .

General Zope information is available at


Follow the instructions in doc/INSTALL.rst to install Zope.


The Zope License is included in ZopePublicLicense.txt. Send your feedback about the license to

Bug tracker

Bugs reports should be made through the Zope bugtracker at A bug report should contain detailed information about how to reproduce the bug, error messages (see /error_log within the ZMI or var/event.log).

Mailing list

You can contact and discuss Zope2 on the Zope mailing list ( To subscribe to the list send mail to with subscribe in the subject line.

You can also subscribe online from here:


This file contains change information for the current Zope release. Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found in the file HISTORY.txt.

Zope 2.12.0 final (2009/10/01)

Features Added

  • Updated packages:

    • ZODB3 = 3.9.0

  • Backported clone of ZopeVocabularyRegistry from, and sane registration of it during initialization of Five product.

Bugs Fixed

  • Backported removal of experimental support for configuring the Twisted HTTP server as an alternative to ZServer.

  • Backported fix for timezone issues in date index tests from trunk.

  • LP #414757 (backported from Zope trunk): don’t emit a IEndRequestEvent when clearing a cloned request.

Zope 2.12.0 c1 (2009/09/04)

Features Added

  • Updated packages:

    • Acquisition = 2.12.3

    • pytz = 2009l

    • tempstorage = 2.11.2

    • transaction = 1.0.0

    • ZODB3 = 3.9.0c3

    • = 3.4.1

    • = 3.8.1

    • zope.component = 3.7.1

    • zope.copypastemove = 3.5.2

    • zope.i18n = 3.7.1

    • = 3.7.1

Bugs Fixed

  • Made the version information show up again, based on pkg_resources distribution information instead of the no longer existing version.txt.

Zope 2.12.0 b4 (2008/08/06)

Features Added

  • The send method of MailHost now supports unicode messages and email.Message.Message objects. It also now accepts charset and msg_type parameters to help with character, header and body encoding.

  • Updated packages:

    • ZODB3 = 3.9.0b5

    • zope.testing = 3.7.7

  • scripts: Added ‘runzope’ and ‘zopectl’ as entry points for instance scripts.

Bugs Fixed

  • LP #418454: FTP server did not work with Python 2.6.X

  • PythonScript: Fixed small Python 2.6 compatibility issue.

  • mkzopeinstance: Made instance scripts more suitable for egg based installs. If you are using a customized skel, it has to be updated.

  • Five: Fixed the permissions creation feature added in Zope 2.12.0a2.

  • LP #399633: fixed interpreter paths

  • MailHost manage form no longer interprets the value None as a string in user and password fields.

Zope 2.12.0 b3 (2009/07/15)

Features Added

  • Updated packages:

    • ZConfig = 2.7.1

    • ZODB = 3.9.0b2

    • pytz = 2009j

    • = 3.8.3

    • = 3.7.1

    • = 3.8.3

    • = 3.5.5

    • zope.contenttype = 3.4.2

    • zope.dublincore = 3.4.3

    • zope.index = 3.5.2

    • zope.interface = 3.5.2

    • zope.testing = 3.7.6

    • zope.traversing = 3.7.1

  • Added support to indexing datetime values to the PluginIndexes DateRangeIndex. The DateIndex already had this feature.


  • PluginIndexes: Removed deprecated TextIndex.

  • HelpSys now uses ZCTextIndex instead of the deprecated TextIndex. Please update your Zope databases by deleting the Product registrations in the Control Panel and restarting Zope.

Bugs Fixed

  • LP #397861: exporting $PYTHON in generated ‘zopectl’ for fixing import issue with “bin/zopectl adduser”

  • PluginIndexes: Added ‘indexSize’ to IPluggableIndex.

  • HelpSys: ProductHelp no longer depends on PluginIndexes initialization.

  • App.Product: ProductHelp was broken since Zope 2.12.0a1.

  • ObjectManagerNameChooser now also works with BTreeFolder2.

  • Correctly handle exceptions in the ZPublisherExceptionHook.

Zope 2.12.0 b2 (2009/05/27)


  • Removed all use of by cloning / simplifying client code.

  • Use zope.pagetemplate.engine instead of (update to versions 3.5.0 and 3.7.0, respectively, along with version 3.8.1 of

  • Use IBrowserView interface from zope.browser.interfaces, rather than zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.

  • Use IAdding interface from zope.browser.interfaces, rather than

  • No longer depend on; use the event implementations from zope.processlifetime instead.

Features Added

  • zExceptions.convertExceptionType: new API, breaking out conversion of exception names to exception types from ‘upgradeException’.

  • Launchpad #374719: introducing new ZPublisher events: PubStart, PubSuccess, PubFailure, PubAfterTraversal and PubBeforeCommit.

  • Testing.ZopeTestCase: Include a copy of ZODB.tests.warnhook to silence a DeprecationWarning under Python 2.6.

  • Updated packages:

    • python-gettext 1.0

    • pytz 2009g

    • = 3.5.0

    • 3.11

    • 3.8.2

    • 3.8.0

    • 3.8.0

    • 3.6.0

    • 3.5.0

    • 3.6.0

    • 3.7.0

    • 3.8.0

    • zope.browser 1.2

    • zope.component 3.7.0

    • zope.componentvocabulary 1.0

    • zope.container 3.8.2

    • zope.formlib 3.6.0

    • zope.lifecycleevent 3.5.2

    • zope.location 3.5.4

    • zope.processlifetime 1.0

    • zope.publisher 3.8.0

    • 3.7.0

    • zope.testing 3.7.4

    • zope.traversing 3.7.0

Bugs Fixed

  • Launchpad #374729: Encoding cookie values to avoid issues with firewalls and security proxies.

  • Launchpad #373583: ZODBMountPoint - fixed broken mount support and extended the test suite.

  • Launchpad #373621: catching and logging exceptions that could cause leaking of worker threads.

  • Launchpad #373577: setting up standard logging earlier within the startup phase for improving the analysis of startup errors.

  • Launchpad #373601: abort transaction before connection close in order to prevent connection leaks in case of persistent changes after the main transaction is closed.

  • Fix BBB regression which prevented setting browser ID cookies from browser ID managers created before the HTTPOnly feature landed.

  • RESPONSE.handle_errors was wrongly set (to debug, should have been not debug). Also, the check for exception constructor arguments didn’t account for exceptions that didn’t override the __init__ (which are most of them). The combination of those two problems caused the standard_error_message not to be called. Fixes .

  • DocumentTemplate.DT_Raise: use new ‘zExceptions.convertExceptionType’ API to allow raising non-builtin exceptions. Fixes , which prevented viewing the “Try” tab of a script with no parameters.

Zope 2.12.0b1 (2009/05/06)


  • No longer depend on Zope2 uses almost none of the translations provided in the package and is not required for most projects. The decision to include locales is left to the application developer now.

  • Removed the dependency on in favor of providing a more minimal placeless setup as part of ZopeTestCase for our own tests.

  • updated to ZODB 3.9.0b1

Features Added

Bugs Fixed

  • ZPublisher response.setBody: don’t append Accept-Encoding to Vary header if it is already present - this can make cache configuration difficult.

2.12.0a4 (2009-04-24)

Bugs Fixed

  • fixed versions.cfg in order to support zope.z2release for creating a proper index structure

2.12.0a3 (2009-04-19)

The generated tarball for the 2.12.0a2 source release was incomplete, due to a setuptools and Subversion 1.6 incompatibility.


  • Added automatic inline migration for databases created with older Zope versions. The Versions screen from the Control_Panel is now automatically removed on Zope startup.

  • Removed more unused code of the versions support feature including the Globals.VersionNameName constant.

2.12.0a2 (2009-04-19)


  • If the <permission /> ZCML directive is used to declare a permission that does not exist, the permission will now be created automatically, defaulting to being granted to the Manager role only. This means it is possible to create new permissions using ZCML only. The permission will Permissions that already exist will not be changed.

  • Using <require set_schema=”…” /> or <require set_attributes=”…” /> in the <class /> directive now emits a warning rather than an error. The concept of protecting attribute ‘set’ does not exist in Zope 2, but it should be possible to re-use packages that do declare such protection.

  • Updated to Acquisition 2.12.1.

  • Updated to DateTime 2.12.0.

  • Updated to ZODB 3.9.0a12.

  • Removed the getPackages wrapper from which would force all versions to an exact requirement. This made it impossible to require newer versions of the dependencies. This kind of KGS information needs to be expressed in a different way.

  • removed extras_require section from (this might possibly break legacy code).

Bugs Fixed

  • Launchpad #348223: optimize catalog query by breaking out early from loop over indexes if the result set is already empty.

  • Launchpad #344098: in skel/etc/, replaced commented-out read-only-database option, which is deprecated, with pointers to the appropos sections of ZODB’s component.xml. Updated the description of the zserver-read-only-mode directive to indicate its correct semantics (suppressing log / pid / lock files). Added deprecation to the read-only-database option, which has had no effect since Zope 2.6.

  • “Permission tab”: correct wrong form parameter for the user-permission report

  • PageTemplates: Made PreferredCharsetResolver work with new kinds of contexts that are not acquisition wrapped.

  • Object managers should evaluate to True in a boolean test.

2.12.0a1 (2009-02-26)


  • Switched Products.PageTemplates to directly use zope.i18n.translate and removed the GlobalTranslationService hook.

  • Removed bridging code from Product.Five for PlacelessTranslationService and Localizer. Neither of the two is actually using this anymore.

  • Removed the specification of SOFTWARE_HOME and ZOPE_HOME from the standard instance scripts. [hannosch]

  • Made the specification of SOFTWARE_HOME and ZOPE_HOME optional. In addition INSTANCE_HOME is no longer required to run the tests of a source checkout of Zope.

  • Removed the test command from zopectl. The script it was relying on does no longer exist.

  • Updated to ZODB 3.9.0a11. ZODB-level version support has been removed and ZopeUndo now is part of Zope2.

  • The Zope2 SVN trunk is now a buildout pulling in all dependencies as actual released packages and not SVN externals anymore.

  • Make use of the new zope.container and packages.

  • Updated to newer versions of zope packages. Removed long deprecated layer and skin ZCML directives.

  • Disabled the XML export on the UI level - the export functionality however is still available on the Python level.

  • No longer show the Help! links in the ZMI, if there is no help available. The help system depends on the product registry.

  • Updated the quick start page and simplified the standard content. The default index_html is now a page template.

  • Removed deprecated Draft and Version support from Products.OFSP. Also removed version handling from the control panel. Versions are no longer supported on the ZODB level.

  • Removed left-overs of the deprecated persistent product distribution mechanism.

  • The persistent product registry is not required for starting Zope anymore. enable-product-installation can be set to off if you don’t rely on the functionality provided by the registry.

  • ZClasses have been deprecated for two major releases. They have been removed in this version of Zope.

  • Avoid deprecation warnings for the md5 and sha modules in Python 2.6 by adding conditional imports for the hashlib module.

  • Replaced imports from the ‘Globals’ module throughout the tree with imports from the actual modules; the ‘Globals’ module was always intended to be an area for shared data, rather than a “facade” for imports. Added zope.deferred.deprecation entries to ‘Globals’ for all symbols / modules previously imported directly.

  • Protect against non-existing zope.conf path and products directories. This makes it possible to run a Zope instance without a Products or lib/python directory.

  • Moved exception MountedStorageError from ZODB.POSExceptions to Products.TemporaryFolder.mount (now its only client).

  • Moved Zope2-specific module, ZODB/, to Products/TemporaryFolder/ (its only client is Products/TemporaryFolder/

  • Removed spurious import-time dependencies from Products/ZODBMountPoint/

  • Removed Examples.zexp from the skeleton. The TTW shopping cart isn’t any good example of Zope usage anymore.

  • Removed deprecated ZTUtil.Iterator module

  • Removed deprecated StructuredText module

  • Removed deprecated TAL module

  • Removed deprecated modules from Products.PageTemplates.

  • Removed deprecated ZCML directives from Five including the whole subpackage.

Features added

  • OFS.ObjectManager now fully implements the zope.container.IContainer interface. For the last Zope2 releases it already claimed to implement the interface, but didn’t actually full-fill the interface contract. This means you can start using more commonly used Python idioms to access objects inside object managers. Complete dictionary-like access and container methods including iteration are now supported. For each class derived from ObjectManager you can use for any instance om: om.keys() instead of om.objectIds(), om.values() instead of om.objectValues(), but also om.items(), ob.get('id'), ob['id'], 'id' in om, iter(om), len(om), om['id'] = object() instead of om._setObject('id', object()) and del ob['id']. Should contained items of the object manager have ids equal to any of the new method names, the objects will override the method, as expected in Acquisition enabled types. Adding new objects into object managers by those new names will no longer work, though. The added methods call the already existing methods internally, so if a derived type overwrote those, the new interface will provide the same functionality.

  • Acquisition has been made aware of __parent__ pointers. This allows direct access to many Zope 3 classes without the need to mixin Acquisition base classes for the security to work.

  • MailHost: now uses zope.sendmail for delivering the mail. With this change MailHost integrates with the Zope transaction system (avoids sending dupe emails in case of conflict errors). In addition MailHost now provides support for asynchronous mail delivery. The ‘Use queue’ configuration option will create a mail queue on the filesystem (under ‘Queue directory’) and start a queue thread that checks the queue every three seconds. This decouples the sending of mail from its delivery. In addition MailHosts now supports encrypted connections through TLS/SSL.

  • SiteErrorLog now includes the entry id in the information copied to the event log. This allowes you to correlate a user error report with the event log after a restart, or let’s you find the REQUEST information in the SiteErrorLog when looking at a traceback in the event log.

Bugs Fixed

  • Launchpad #332168: do not expose DB connection strings through exceptions

  • Specified height/width of icons in ZMI listings so the table doesn’t jump around while loading.

  • After the proper introduction of parent-pointers, it’s now wrong to acquisition-wrap content providers. We will now use the “classic” content provider expression from Zope 3.

  • Ported c69896 to Five. This fix makes it possible to provide a template using Python, and not have it being set to None by the viewlet manager directive.

  • Made Five.testbrowser compatible with mechanize 0.1.7b.

  • Launchpad #280334: Fixed problem with ‘timeout’ argument/attribute missing in testbrowser tests.

  • Launchpad #267834: proper separation of HTTP header fields using CRLF as requested by RFC 2616.

  • Launchpad #257276: fix for possible denial-of-service attack in PythonScript when passing an arbitrary module to the encode() or decode() of strings.

  • Launchpad #257269: ‘raise SystemExit’ with a PythonScript could shutdown a complete Zope instance

  • Switch to branch of ‘zope.testbrowser’ external which suppresses over-the-wire tests.

  • Launchpad #143902: Fixed App.ImageFile to use a stream iterator to output the file. Avoid loading the file content when guessing the mimetype and only load the first 1024 bytes of the file when it cannot be guessed from the filename.

  • Changed PageTemplateFile not to load the file contents on Zope startup anymore but on first access instead. This brings them inline with the zope.pagetemplate version and speeds up Zope startup.

  • Collector #2278: form ‘:record’ objects did not implement enough of the mapping protocol.

  • “version.txt” file was being written to the wrong place by the Makefile, causing Zope to report “unreleased version” even for released versions.

  • didn’t protect names from interface superclasses (

  • DAV: litmus “notowner_modify” tests warn during a MOVE request because we returned “412 Precondition Failed” instead of “423 Locked” when the resource attempting to be moved was itself locked. Fixed by changing Resource.Resource.MOVE to raise the correct error.

  • DAV: litmus props tests 19: propvalnspace and 20: propwformed were failing because Zope did not strip off the xmlns: attribute attached to XML property values. We now strip off all attributes that look like xmlns declarations.

  • DAV: When a client attempted to unlock a resource with a token that the resource hadn’t been locked with, in the past we returned a 204 response. This was incorrect. The “correct” behavior is to do what mod_dav does, which is return a ‘400 Bad Request’ error. This was caught by litmus locks.notowner_lock test #10. See for further rationale.

  • When Zope properties were set via DAV in the “null” namespace (xmlns=””) a subsequent PROPFIND for the property would cause the XML representation for that property to show a namespace of xmlns=”None”. Fixed within OFS.PropertySheets.dav__propstat.

  • integrated theuni’s additional test from 2.11 (see r73132)

  • Relaxed requirements for context of Products.Five.browser.pagetemplatefile.ZopeTwoPageTemplateFile, to reduce barriers for testing renderability of views which use them. (

  • PluginIndexes: Fixed ‘parseIndexRequest’ for false values.

  • Collector #2263: ‘field2ulines’ did not convert empty string correctly.

  • Collector #2198: Zope 3.3 fix breaks Five 1.5 test_getNextUtility

  • Prevent ZPublisher from insering incorrect <base/> tags into the headers of plain html files served from Zope3 resource directories.

  • Changed the condition checking for setting status of HTTPResponse from to account for new-style classes.

  • The Wrapper_compare function from tp_compare to tp_richcompare. Also another function Wrapper_richcompare is added.

  • The doc test has been slightly changed in ZPublisher to get the error message extracted correctly.

  • The changes made in Acquisition.c in Implicit Acquisition comparison made avail to Explicit Acquisition comparison also.

  • zopedoctest no longer breaks if the URL contains more than one question mark. It broke even when the second question mark was correctly quoted.

Other Changes

  • Added lib/python/webdav/litmus-results.txt explaining current test results from the litmus WebDAV torture test.

  • DocumentTemplate.DT_Var.newline_to_br(): Simpler, faster implementation.

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