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Zope2 application server / web framework

Project description


Zope2 is an open-source web application server.

This document provides some general information about Zope2 and provides links to other documents.

Installation information can be found in doc/INSTALL.rst. Other documentation is also in the “doc” directory and in the documentation section at .

General Zope information is available at


Follow the instructions in doc/INSTALL.rst to install Zope.


The Zope License is included in ZopePublicLicense.txt. Send your feedback about the license to

Bug tracker

Bugs reports should be made through the Zope bugtracker at A bug report should contain detailed information about how to reproduce the bug, error messages (see /error_log within the ZMI or var/event.log).

Mailing list

You can contact and discuss Zope2 on the Zope mailing list ( To subscribe to the list send mail to with subscribe in the subject line.

You can also subscribe online from here:


This file contains change information for the current Zope release. Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found at

2.13.0 (2010-11-05)

  • No changes.

2.13.0c1 (2010-10-28)

Bugs Fixed

  • LP #628448: Fix zopectl start on non-Windows platforms.

Features Added

  • Updated to Zope Toolkit 1.0.
  • Updated distributions:
    • DateTime = 2.12.6
    • mechanize = 0.2.3
    • ZODB3 = 3.10.1
    • zope.sendmail = 3.7.4
    • zope.testbrowser = 3.10.3

2.13.0b1 (2010-10-09)

Bugs Fixed

  • Avoid iterating over the list of packages to initialize while it is being mutated, which was skipping some packages.
  • Fixed two unit tests that failed on fast Windows machines.
  • Fixed OverflowError in Products.ZCatalog.Lazy on 64bit Python on Windows.
  • Fixed testZODBCompat tests in ZopeTestCase to match modern ZODB semantics.
  • LP #634942: Only require nt_svcutils on Windows.

Features Added

  • Avoid conflict error hotspot in PluginIndexes’ Unindex class by using IITreeSets instead of simple ints from the start. Idea taken from enfold.fixes.
  • Added date range index improvements from experimental.catalogqueryplan.
  • Changed policy on handling exceptions during ZCML parsing in Products. We no longer catch any exceptions in non-debug mode.
  • Added a new BooleanIndex to the standard PluginIndexes.
  • Update to Zope Toolkit 1.0c3.
  • Add ability to define extra zopectl commands via setuptools entrypoints.
  • Updated distributions:
    • Acquisition = 2.13.5
    • Products.MailHost = 2.13.1
    • Products.ZCTextIndex = 2.13.1
    • repoze.retry = 1.0
    • tempstorage = 2.12.1
    • ZODB3 = 3.10.0
    • zope.testbrowser = 3.10.1

2.13.0a4 (2010-09-09)


  • Removed deprecated event handler. Its code was moved into the Zope 2 version of the permission directive in

Features Added

  • LP #193122: New method getVirtualRoot added to the Request class.
  • Updated test assertions to use unittest’s assert* methods in favor of their deprecated fail* aliases.
  • Update to Zope Toolkit 1.0a3.
  • Updated distributions:
    • AccessControl = 2.13.3
    • Acquisition = 2.13.4
    • ZODB3 = 3.10.0b6

2.13.0a3 (2010-08-04)

Bugs Fixed

  • Adjusted overflow logic in DateIndex and DateRangeIndex to work with latest ZODB 3.10.0b4.
  • Made sure to exclude a number of meta ZCML handlers from zope.* packages where Zope2 provides its own implementations.
  • LP #599378: Fixed accumulated_headers not appending to headers correctly.
  • Fix support for non-public permission attributes in the browser:view directive so that attributes which are not included in allowed_interface or allowed_attributes but which have declarations from a base class’s security info don’t get their security overwritten to be private.
  • LP #143755: Also catch TypeError when trying to determine an indexable value for an object in PluginIndexes.common.UnIndex
  • LP #143533: Instead of showing “” as the SERVER_NAME request variable when no specific listening IP is configured for the HTTP server, do a socket lookup to show the current server’s fully qualified name.
  • LP #143722: Added missing permission to ObjectManager.manage_hasId, which prevented renaming files and folders via FTP.
  • LP #143564: Request.resolve_url did not correctly re-raise exceptions encountered during path traversal.


  • Removed catalog length migration code. You can no longer directly upgrade a Zope 2.7 or earlier database to Zope 2.13. Please upgrade to an earlier release first.
  • Deprecated the Products.ZCatalog.CatalogAwareness and CatalogPathAwareness modules.
  • Removed deprecated catalog-getObject-raises zope.conf option.
  • Removed unmaintained HelpSys documents from ZCatalog and PluginIndexes. Useful explanations are given inside the form templates.
  • Deprecate Products.ZCatalog’s current behavior of returning the entire catalog content if no query restriction applied. In Zope 2.14 this will result in an empty LazyCat to be returned instead.
  • Deprecate acquiring the request inside Products.ZCatalog’s searchResults method if no explicit query argument is given.
  • Cleaned up the Products.ZCatalog search API’s. The deprecated support for using <index id>_usage arguments in the request has been removed. Support for overriding operators via the <index id>_operator syntax has been limited to the query value for each index and no longer works directly on the request. The query is now brought into a canonical form before being passed into the _apply_index method of each index.
  • Factored out the Products.MailHost package into its own distributions. It will no longer be included by default in Zope 2.14 but live on as an independent add-on.

Features Added

  • Merged the query plan support from both unimr.catalogqueryplan and experimental.catalogqueryplan into ZCatalog. On sites with large number of objects in a catalog (in the 100000+ range) this can significantly speed up catalog queries. A query plan monitors catalog queries and keeps detailed statistics about their execution. Currently the plan keeps track of execution time, result set length and support for the ILimitedResultIndex per index for each query. It uses this information to devise a better query execution plan the next time the same query is run. Statistics and the resulting plan are continuously updated. The plan is per running Zope process and not persisted. You can inspect the plan using the Query Plan ZMI tab on each catalog instance. The representation can be put into a Python module and the Zope process be instructed to load this query plan on startup. The location of the query plan is specified by providing the dotted name to the query plan dictionary in an environment variable called ZCATALOGQUERYPLAN.
  • Various optimizations to indexes _apply_index and the catalog’s search method inspired by experimental.catalogqueryplan.
  • Added a new ILimitedResultIndex to Products.PluginIndexes and made most built-in indexes compatible with it. This allows indexes to consider the already calculated result set inside their own calculations.
  • Changed the internals of the DateRangeIndex to always use IITreeSet and do an inline migration from IISet. Some datum tend to have large number of documents, for example when using default floor or ceiling dates.
  • Added a new reporting tab to Products.ZCatalog instances. You can use this to get an overview of slow catalog queries, as specified by a configurable threshold value.
  • Warn when App.ImageFile.ImageFile receives a relative path with no prefix, and then has to assume the path to be relative to “software home”. This behaviour is deprecated as packages can be factored out to their own distribution, making the “software home” relative path meaningless.
  • Updated distributions:
    • AccessControl = 2.13.2
    • DateTime = 2.12.5
    • DocumentTemplate = 2.13.1
    • Products.BTreeFolder2 = 2.13.1
    • Products.OFSP = 2.13.2
    • ZODB3 = 3.10.0b4

2.13.0a2 (2010-07-13)

Bugs Fixed

  • Made ZPublisher tests compatible with Python 2.7.
  • LP #143531: Fix broken object so they give access to their state.
  • LP #578326: Add support for non-public permission attributes in the browser:view directive.


  • No longer use HelpSys pages from Products.OFSP in core Zope 2.
  • No longer create an Extensions folder in the standard instance skeleton. External methods will become entirely optional in Zope 2.14.
  • Avoid using the Products.PythonScripts.standard module inside the database manager ZMI.
  • Factored out the Products.BTreeFolder2, Products.ExternalMethod, Products.MIMETools, Products.OFSP, Products.PythonScripts and Products.StandardCacheManagers packages into their own distributions. They will no longer be included by default in Zope 2.14 but live on as independent add-ons.
  • Factored out the Products.ZSQLMethods into its own distribution. The distribution also includes the Shared.DC.ZRDB code. The Zope2 distribution no longer includes the code automatically. Please depend on the new distribution yourself, if you use the functionality. To make the transition easier this change has been backported to Zope 2.12.9, so you can depend on the new distribution already in packages requiring at least that version of Zope 2.
  • Made both Shared and Shared.DC namespace packages.
  • Removed fallback code for old Python versions from ZServer.FTPServer.zope_ftp_channel.push.
  • Removed fallback code for old ZCatalog.catalog_object function signatures from Products.ZCatalog.ZCatalog.reindexIndex.

Features Added

  • Added official support for Python 2.7.
  • Added a new API get_packages_to_initialize to OFS.metaconfigure. This replaces any direct access to Products._packages_to_initialize. The OFS.Application.install_package function takes care of removing entries from this list now.
  • Added notification of IDatabaseOpenedWithRoot.
  • Added a new API’s get_registered_packages, set_registered_packages to OFS.metaconfigure which replace any direct access to Products._registered_packages.
  • Changed product install so it won’t write persistent changes only to abort them. Instead we don’t make any database changes in the first place.
  • Disabled persistent product installation in the default test configuration.
  • Directly extend and use the Zope Toolkit KGS release 1.0a2 from
  • Updated distributions:
    • DateTime = 2.12.4
    • nt_svcutils = 2.13.0

2.13.0a1 (2010-06-25)

This release includes all bug fixes and features of the Zope 2.12.8 release.

Distribution changes

  • Moved AccessControl, DocumentTemplate (incl. TreeDisplay) and Products.ZCTextIndex to their own distributions. This removes the last direct C extensions from the Zope2 distribution.
  • Moved the zExceptions package into its own distribution.
  • Drop the dependency on the ThreadLock distribution, by using Python’s thread module instead.
  • Integrated the Products.signalstack / z3c.deadlockdebugger packages. You can now send a SIGUSR1 signal to a Zope process and get a stack trace of all threads printed out on the console. This works even if all threads are stuck.

Instance skeleton

  • Changed the default for enable-product-installation to off. This matches the default behavior of buildout installs via plone.recipe.zope2instance. Disabling the persistent product installation also disabled the ZMI help system.
  • Removed Zope2’s own mkzeoinstance script. If you want to set up ZEO instances please install the zope.mkzeoinstance and use its script.
  • Removed deprecated read-only-database option from zope.conf.
  • LP #143232: Added option to ‘zope.conf’ to specify an additional directory to be searched for ‘App.Extensions’ lookups. Thanks to Rodrigo Senra for the patch.
  • LP #143604: Removed top-level database-quota-size from zope.conf, some storages support a quota option instead.
  • LP #143089: Removed the top-level zeo-client-name option from zope.conf, as it had no effect since ZODB 3.2.
  • Removed no longer maintained configure, make, make install related installation files. Zope2 can only be installed via its
  • Removed the unmaintained and no longer functioning ZopeTutorialExamples from the instance skeleton.

Deprecated and Removed

  • Finished the move of five.formlib to an extra package and removed it from Zope 2 itself. Upgrade notes have been added to the news section of the release notes.
  • ZPublisher: Removed ‘Main’ and ‘Zope’ wrappers for Test.publish. If anybody really used them, he can easily use ZPublisher.test instead. In the long run ZPublisher.test and ZPublisher.Test might also be removed.
  • ZPublisherExceptionHook: Removed ancient backwards compatibility code. Customized raise_standardErrorMessage methods have to implement the signature introduced in Zope 2.6.
  • Removed ancient App.HotFixes module.
  • Removed the deprecated hasRole method from user objects.
  • Removed deprecated support for specifying __ac_permissions__, meta_types and methods in a product’s __init__.
  • Remove remaining support classes for defining permissions TTW.
  • Removed the deprecated five:containerEvents directive, which had been a no-op for quite a while.
  • Removed Products.Five.fivedirectives.IBridgeDirective - a leftover from the Interface to zope.interface bridging code.
  • Marked the <five:implements /> as officially deprecated. The standard <class /> directive allows the same.


  • Completely refactored ZPublisher.WSGIResponse in order to provide non-broken support for running Zope under arbitrary WSGI servers. In this (alternate) scenario, transaction handling, request retry, error handling, etc. are removed from the publisher, and become the responsibility of middleware.
  • Moved the code handling ZCML loading into the Zope2.App package. The component architecture is now setup before the application object is created or any database connections are opened. So far the CA was setup somewhat randomly in the startup process, when the Five product was initialized.
  • Moved Products.Sessions APIs from SessionInterfaces to interfaces, leaving behind the old module / names for backward compatibility.
  • Centralize interfaces defined in Products.ZCTextIndex, leaving BBB imports behind in old locations.
  • Moved cmf.* permissions into Products.CMFCore.
  • Moved TaintedString into the new AccessControl.tainted module.
  • Testing: Functional.publish now uses the real publish_module function instead of that from ZPublisher.Test. The ‘extra’ argument of the publish method is no longer supported.
  • Moved testbrowser module into the Testing package.
  • Moved general OFS related ZCML directives from Products.Five into the OFS package.
  • Moved the absoluteurl views into the OFS package.
  • Moved Products/Five/event.zcml into the OFS package.
  • Moved Products/Five/ and security related ZCML configuration into the AccessControl package.
  • Moved Products/Five/traversing.zcml directly into the configure.zcml.
  • Moved Products/Five/i18n.zcml into the ZPublisher package.
  • Moved Products/Five/publisher.zcml into the ZPublisher package.
  • Ported the lazy expression into zope.tales and require a new version of it.


  • Updated copyright and license information to conform with repository policy.
  • LP #143410: Removed unnecessary color definition in ZMI CSS.
  • LP #374810: __bobo_traverse__ implementation can raise ZPublisher.interfaces.UseTraversalDefault to indicate that there is no special casing for the given name and that standard traversal logic should be applied.
  • LP #142464: Make undo log easier to read. Thanks to Toby Dickinson for the patch.
  • LP #142401: Added a link in the ZMI tree pane to make the tree state persistent. Thanks to Lalo Martins for the patch.
  • LP #142502: Added a knob to the Debug control panel for resetting profile data. Thanks to Vladimir Patukhov for the patch.
  • ZCTextIndex query parser treats fullwidth space characters defined in Unicode as valid white space.

Updated distributions

  • Jinja2 = 2.5.0
  • RestrictedPython = 3.6.0a1
  • Sphinx = 1.0b2
  • transaction = 1.1.0
  • ZConfig = 2.8.0
  • ZODB3 = 3.10.0b1
  • zope.annotation = 3.5.0
  • zope.broken = 3.6.0
  • zope.browsermenu = 3.9.0
  • zope.browserpage = 3.12.2
  • zope.browserresource = 3.10.3
  • zope.component = 3.9.4
  • zope.configuration = 3.7.2
  • zope.container = 3.11.1
  • zope.contentprovider = 3.7.2
  • zope.contenttype = 3.5.1
  • zope.event = 3.5.0-1
  • zope.exceptions = 3.6.0
  • zope.filerepresentation = 3.6.0
  • zope.i18nmessageid = 3.5.0
  • zope.interface = 3.6.1
  • zope.location = 3.9.0
  • zope.lifecycleevent = 3.6.0
  • zope.ptresource = 3.9.0
  • zope.publisher = 3.12.3
  • zope.schema = 3.6.4
  • zope.sendmail = 3.7.2
  • = 3.9.1
  • zope.structuredtext = 3.5.0
  • zope.tales = 3.5.1
  • zope.testbrowser = 3.9.0
  • zope.testing = 3.9.3
  • zope.traversing = 3.12.1
  • zope.viewlet = 3.7.2

Bugs Fixed

  • LP #143391: Protect against missing acl_users.hasUsers on quick start page.

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