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Generate icon libraries from AsciiDoc-based descriptions.

Project description

a2dl | (A)sciidoc(2D)rawio(L)ibrary

This script generates a library from AsciiDoc-based descriptions and updates diagrams that use icons from these libraries.

  • It recursively searches for adoc files in a specified folder and scans for particular lines within these files.
  • These lines are then integrated into HTML tooltips of icons.
  • The icons are bundled into a / library.

I needed to visualize the relationship within previously written content. I wrote this script to extract relevant information from these articles into tooltips for icons. This allows me to concentrate on connecting the information and provide contextual information during a presentation.


python3 -m pip install a2dl

Prepare Asciidoc files

To use this script, simply add the identifiers to any adoc file.

Set these variables at the top of the file

  • :icon_image_rel_path: images/generated/3.png -> Path to an Icon Image PNG

  • :icon_name: Icon3 -> Name for the Icon

  • :read_more: #sec-icon3 -> Link for more info, to be appended to the tooltips end

These two lines form the start of a Tooltips content, while the first line will also work as a stop sign for the content extraction:

  • == or === up to =====

  • :variable_name: short_description -> choose any name for your variable, but do not include whitespace

Example Adoc

:icon_image_rel_path: images/generated/3.png
:icon_name: Icon3
:read_more: #sec-icon3

== Icon 3

image::{icon_image_rel_path}[The Icon 3s Alternative Text,160,160,float="right"]

=== Short Description
:variable_name: short_description

This is short Text to Describe the icon
A short abstract of the Topic

WARNING: Not Safe For Work

=== XML Attribute 1
:variable_name: xml_attribute_1

Some part of the text to add to the icons data 


Use in CLI

python3 -m a2dl --library path/to/folder-to-scan path/to/library-file-to-write.xml
# OR
python3 -m a2dl --diagram path/to/folder-to-scan path/to/file-to-update
# OR
python3 -m a2dl --example path/to/folder-to-write


a2dl --library path/to/folder-to-scan path/to/library-file-to-write.xml
# OR
a2dl --diagram path/to/folder-to-scan path/to/file-to-update
# OR
a2dl --example path/to/folder-to-write

Use in python script

A basic example.

import a2dl.a2dl

# Overwrite some constants
a2dl.a2dl.ICON_STYLE = "rounded=1;whiteSpace=wrap;html=1;"
a2dl.a2dl.IMAGE_STYLE = 'fillColor=none;rounded=1;shape=image;verticalLabelPosition=bottom;labelBackgroundColor=default;verticalAlign=top;aspect=fixed;imageAspect=0;image=data:image/{},{};'


# create icon
DI = a2dl.a2dl.Diagicon()
# write the icon to a Diagram file

# create a library
DL = a2dl.a2dl.Diaglibrary()

#  update a diagram
DG = a2dl.a2dl.Diagdiagram()

Project details

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a2dl-0.1.2.tar.gz (35.0 MB view hashes)

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a2dl-0.1.2-py3-none-any.whl (35.0 MB view hashes)

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