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data mining tool for extract text for files

Project description


Extract the text from files. Text mining tool.

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You can use aTXT with his name package or with 2txt in your console. For
example, if you want to show the help usage:


aTXT -h


2txt -h

Also, you can run the graphical interface (with PySide):


aTXT -i

You should something like this:


Note: aTXT will always generate a FILE for each file path.

Examples: :


$ 2txt prueba.html
$ 2txt prueba.html -o
$ 2txt --file ~/Documents/prueba.html
$ 2txt --file ~/Documents/prueba.html --to ~/htmls

Searching all textable files in a level-2 of depth over ~: :


$ 2txt ~ -d 2
$ 2txt --path ~ -d 2 --format 'txt,html'



pip install atxt

Check dependencies for avoiding surprises:


aTXT --check


This software is available thanks to others open sources projects. The
following list itemizes some of those more hard to install:

- PySide (GUI lib)
- Tessaract OCR
- Xpdf
- scandir (trasversal folders fast)


- Author: Jonathan S. Prieto C.
- Email:
- Notes: Have feedback? Please send me an email.
- Free software: BSD license


Please be free to comment whatever issue or problem with the

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========= (2015-07-04)
* New support for RTF15 files by using the library 'pyth' (2015-07-04)
* new button 'Smart OCR' in the GUI. It provied the abbility to decidy if
the document if would be better process with OCR or without it. Prove it! (2015-07-04)
* "fix bugs for GUI related problems on *nix and Windows"
* "fix style errors and encoding problems" (2015-07-03)
* "fix bugs suggested by" (2015-07-02)
This version is more relate with Windows support:

* support for .doc on windows with antiword
* rewrite method to walk on directory based on scandir and modifacation of it.
* fix a bug on windows when it tried to perform some search on depth
* fix a bug with workers/ that caused two calls for these method
* fix bugs with the fucking encoding and the arguments to subprocess
* fix bug of logging and colors on terminal of windows. (2015-06-30)

* fix some bugs with gui

1.0.5 (2015-03-01)

* First release on PyPI.

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