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A friendly Extractor of Text

Project description

A Python Tool For Extract Text From Files.
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- Author: Jonathan Prieto
- Email:
- Notes: Have feedback? Please send me an email. This project is in development.


pip install aTXT


aTXT --help
Console shows:

A friendly Extractor of Text for Data Mining

aTXT -i
aTXT <file> [-v|--verbose] [-uo] [--to <to>]
aTXT [--from <from>] [--to <to>] <file>... [-uo] [-v|--verbose]
aTXT --path <path> --depth <depth> [--to <to>] [-v|--verbose]
[-a|--all] [-p|--pdf] [-d|--doc] [-x|--docx] [-t|--dat] [-uo]
aTXT [-h|--help]

<file> If <from> is none, file should be in current directory.
--path <path> Process the folder with path <path> and all files inside.

General Options:
-i Launch a Graphical Interface.
--from <from> Process files from path <from>. [default: ./]
--to <to> Save all (*.txt) files to path <to> if <file> appears. [default: ./]
--depth <depth> Depth for trasvering path using depth-first-search
for --path option. [default: 1]
-a, --all Convert all allowed formats (pdf, docx, doc, dat).
-p, --pdf Convert files with extension (*.pdf|*.PDF).
-x, --docx Convert files with extension (*.docx|*.DOCX).
-d, --doc Convert files with extension (*.doc|*.DOC).
-t, --dat Convert files with extension (*.dat|*.DAT).
-u Use uppercase for all text processed.
-o Overwrite if *.txt file version yet exists.
-h, --help Print this help.
-V, --version Print current version installed.
-v, --verbose Print error messages.

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