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Improved SRP Module for Alliance Auth

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SRP Module for Alliance Auth




  • Overview of SRP links
  • Overview of your own SRP requests and their status
  • Accepting kill mails from zKillboard and EveTools Killboard
  • SRP Request administration mostly done via ajax and without page reloads
  • Use modern DataTables with filters where ever they are useful
  • Tables fully searchable and sortable
  • Mandatory reason on SRP reject
  • Notifications in AA with detailed information on SRP rejection
  • Discord notification via PM to the user on SRP request approval or rejection, if either AA-Discordbot, AA-Discord Notify or Discord Proxy is installed
  • Notify your SRP team (optional) in their Doscord channel about new SRP requests, if AA-Discordbot is installed




Dashboard (View All)

Dashboard (View All)

Your SRP Requests

Your SRP Requests

SRP Requests Overview

SRP Requests Overview

SRP Request Details

SRP Request Details


Important: Please make sure you meet all preconditions before you proceed:

  • AA SRP is a plugin for Alliance Auth. If you don't have Alliance Auth running already, please install it first before proceeding. (see the official AA installation guide for details)
  • AA SRP needs the app django-eveuniverse to function. Please make sure it is installed, before continuing.

Step 1 - Install the package

Make sure you are in the virtual environment (venv) of your Alliance Auth installation Then install the latest release directly from PyPi.

pip install aa-srp

Step 2 - Configure Alliance Auth

This is fairly simple, just add the following to the INSTALLED_APPS of your

Configure your AA settings ( as follows:

  • Add "eveuniverse", to INSTALLED_APPS
  • Add "aasrp", to INSTALLED_APPS

Step 3 - Finalize the installation

Run static files collection and migrations

python collectstatic
python migrate

Restart your supervisor services for Auth

Step 4 - Preload Eve Universe data

AA SRP utilizes the EveUniverse module, so it doesn't need to ask ESI for ship information. To set this up, you now need to run the following command.

python aasrp_load_eve

Step 5 - Set up permissions

Now it's time to set up access permissions for your new SRP module. You can do so in your admin backend in the AA SRP section. Read the Permissions section for more information about the available permissions.

Step 6 - (Optional) Import from built-in SRP module

This step is only needed when you have been using the built-in SRP module until now.

Make sure you don't have any open SRP requests before. All SRP links in the built-in module will be closed during the import process, to make sure to not import any duplicates.

The import process can be done at any given time and does not necessarily have to be during the installation.

To import your SRP information from the built-in SRP module, run the following command.

python aasrp_migrate_srp_data


ID Description Notes
basic_access Can access the AA-SRP module Your line members should have this permission.
create_srp Can create new SRP links Your FCs should have this permission.
manage_srp Can manage SRP Users with this permission can manage the AA SRP Module. Like changing and removing SRP links and requests.
manage_srp_requests Can manage SRP requests Users with this permission can manage the SRP requests. Like changing and removing SRP requests.


Key Description Type Default
AASRP_SRP_TEAM_DISCORD_CHANNEL ID of the Discord channel of your SRP team. If set, your SRP team will be notified (no ping to prevent ping spam) about new SRP requests in their channel. (You need to have AA-Discordbot installed and configured to use this option) int None




You want to contribute to this project? That's cool!

Please make sure to read the contribution guidelines (I promise, it's not much, just some basics)

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