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App for managing Eve Online structures with Alliance Auth

Project description

Alliance Structures

App for managing Eve Online structures with Alliance Auth.

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This app is for managing Eve Online structures with Alliance Auth (AA). It allows corporations and alliance to see a current list of all their structures in Auth and also get structure related notification on Discord.


Alliance Structures adds the following main features to Alliance Auth:

  • Structure browser with a detailed list of all structures owned by alliances / corporation, automatically synced with the game server
  • Structures include all Upwell structures, Custom Offices and Starbases / POSes
  • Automatically forwards structure notifications to Discord channels as alerts
  • Notification categories include Upwell Structures, Moon Mining, Customs Offices, Starbases and Sovereignty
  • Automatically adds timers from notifications to Alliance Auth timerboard app (if installed)
  • Permissions define which structures are visible to a user based on organization membership
  • Self-defined tags help to better organize structures
  • Interface for 3rd party monitoring of the services status


Here is an example for the structure browser:


This is an example for a notification posted on Discord:

Notification example


Important: This app is a plugin for Alliance Auth. If you don't have Alliance Auth running already, please install it first before proceeding. (see the official AA installation guide for details)

1. Install app

Make sure you are in the virtual environment (venv) of your Alliance Auth installation. Then install the newest release from PyPI:

pip install aa-structures

2 Update Eve Online app

Update the Eve Online app used for authentication in your AA installation to include the following scopes:


3. Configure AA settings

Configure your AA settings ( as follows:

  • Add 'structures' to INSTALLED_APPS

  • Add these lines add to bottom of your settings file:

     CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE['structures_update_all_structures'] = {
         'task': 'structures.tasks.update_all_structures',
         'schedule': crontab(minute='*/30'),
     CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE['structures_fetch_all_notifications'] = {
         'task': 'structures.tasks.fetch_all_notifications',
         'schedule': crontab(minute='*/5'),
     CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE['structures_send_all_new_notifications'] = {
         'task': 'structures.tasks.send_all_new_notifications',
         'schedule': crontab(minute='*/1'),
  • Optional: Add additional settings if you want to change any defaults. See Settings for the full list.

Recommended celery setup:
The Alliance Structures app uses celery to refresh data from ESI on a regular basis. We recommend to enable the following additional settings for celery workers to enable logging and to protect against potential memory leaks:
-l info --max-memory-per-child 512000

In many setups this config is part of your supervisor configuration.
On Ubuntu you can run systemctl status supervisor to see where that config file is located.

Note that you need to restart the supervisor service itself to activate those changes.
e.g. on Ubuntu:
systemctl restart supervisor

4. Finalize installation into AA

Run migrations & copy static files

python migrate
python collectstatic

Restart your supervisor services for AA

5. Setup permissions

Now you can setup permissions in Alliance Auth for your users.

See section Permissions below for details.

6. Setup notifications to Discord

The setup and configuration for Discord webhooks is done on the admin page under Structures.

To setup notifications you first need to add the Discord webhook that point to the channel you want notifications to appear to Webhooks. We would recommend that you also enable is_default for your main webhook, so that newly added structure owners automatically use this webhook. Alternatively you need to manually assign webhooks to existing owners after they have been added (see below).

Finally to verify that your webhook is correctly setup you can send a test notification. This is one of the available actions on Webhooks page.

7. Add structure owners

Next you need to add your first structure owner with the character that will be used for fetching structures. Just open the Alliance Structures app and click on "Add Structure Owner". Note that only users with the appropriate permission will be able to see and use this function and that the character needs to be a director.

Once a structure owner is set the app will start fetching the corporation structures and related notifications. Wait a minute and then reload the structure list page to see the result.

You will need to add every corporation as Structure Owner to include their structures and notifications in the app.

Note that as admin you can review all structures and notifications on the admin panel.


To update your existing installation of Alliance Structures first enable your virtual environment.

Then run the following commands from your AA project directory (the one that contains

pip install -U aa-structures
python migrate
python collectstatic

Finally restart your AA supervisor services.


Here is a list of available settings for this app. They can be configured by adding them to your AA settings file (

Note that all settings are optional and the app will use the documented default settings if they are not used.

Name Description Default
STRUCTURES_ADD_TIMERS Whether to automatically add timers for certain notifications on the timerboard (will have no effect if aa-timerboard app is not installed).
Will create timers from anchoring, lost shield and lost armor notifications
STRUCTURES_ADMIN_NOTIFICATIONS_ENABLED whether admins will get notifications about import events like when someone adds a structure owner True
STRUCTURES_DEFAULT_TAGS_FILTER_ENABLED Enable default tags filter for structure list as default False
STRUCTURES_FEATURE_CUSTOMS_OFFICES Enable / disable custom offices feature True
STRUCTURES_FEATURE_STARBASES Enable / disable starbases feature True
STRUCTURES_FORWARDING_SYNC_GRACE_MINUTES Max time in minutes since last successful notification forwarding before service is reported as down 5
STRUCTURES_HOURS_UNTIL_STALE_NOTIFICATION Defines after how many hours a notification is regarded as stale. Stale notifications are no longer sent automatically. 24
STRUCTURES_MOON_EXTRACTION_TIMERS_ENABLED whether to create / remove timers from moon extraction notifications True
STRUCTURES_NOTIFICATION_MAX_RETRIES Max number of retries after a HTTP error occurred incl. rate limiting 3
STRUCTURES_NOTIFICATION_SYNC_GRACE_MINUTES Max time in minutes since last successful notifications sync before service is reported as down 15
STRUCTURES_NOTIFICATION_WAIT_SEC Default wait time in seconds before retrying after HTTP error (not used for rate limits) 5
STRUCTURES_REPORT_NPC_ATTACKS Enable / disable sending notifications for attacks by NPCs (structure reinforcements are still reported) True
STRUCTURES_SHOW_FUEL_EXPIRES_RELATIVE Enable / disable whether fuel expire is shown as relative figure True
STRUCTURES_STRUCTURE_SYNC_GRACE_MINUTES Max time in minutes since last successful structures sync before service is reported as down 120
STRUCTURES_TIMERS_ARE_CORP_RESTRICTED whether created timers are corp restricted on the timerboard False


This is an overview of all permissions used by this app:

Name Purpose Code
Can access this app and view User can access the app and see the structure list. He will only be able to see structures belonging to corporations of his characters. We would suggest to enable this permission for the Member state general.basic_access
Can view alliance structures User can view all structures belonging to corporation in the alliance of the user. general.view_alliance_structures
Can view all structures User can see all structures in the system general.view_all_structures
Can add new structure owner User can add a corporation with it's structures general.add_structure_owner

Service monitoring

Alliances may want to rely on getting prompt notifications on Discord to keep their assets save. However, an app like Alliance Structures is fully dependant on external services like the Eve API (ESI) to stay operational.

In order stay alliance apprised about any potential service outages, this app has a simple HTTP interface that enables monitoring of it's service status by a 3rd party monitoring application. (e.g. Uptimerobot).

The monitoring route is: [your AA URL]/structures/service_status/

Status Reporting Condition
Up HTTP 200 and the text service is up Tasks for updating of structures, updating of notifications and forwarding to webhooks have last run within the configured grace period and there are no errors
Down HTTP 500 and the text service is down Above condition for "up" not met

By default the status of all existing owners will be included in determining the overall status. However, it's also possible to manually exclude owners by setting the property "Is included in service status".

Admin tools

Admin site

Most admin tools are accessible on the admin site through actions. e.g. you can sent specific notifications or force a sync with the eve server for an owner.

See the respective actions list on the admin site for details.

Celery tasks

Heres are some additional admin tool available only as celery task.

  • purge_all_data: This task will purge ALL data of the structures app. Run this command before trying to reverse migrations (e.g. migrate structures zero for de-installation) or you will run into foreign key constraints.
    celery -A myauth call structures.tasks.purge_all_data --args=[true]

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