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ablog_api description

Project description


ablog_api is a web server (use Flask) for manage ablog site



use Python 3

pip install ablog_api


git clone
cd ablog_api
python install


create a ablog

mkdir blog
cd blog
ablog create
ablog build

for run ablog_api

ablog-api --help

    Usage: ablog-api [options] args

    run a api server for ablog

      --version             show program's version number and exit
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -H HOST, --host=HOST  the hostname to listen on
      -p PORT, --port=PORT  the port of the webserver
      -c CONF, --conf=CONF  file configuration
      -d DIR_ABLOG, --dir=DIR_ABLOG
                            dir of conf ablog
      -l LEVEL, --log=LEVEL
                            level of log: DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,CRITICAL,ERROR

    by Frederic Aoustin

ablog-api -d ./blog
URL explain
/api/doc documentation of Api
/api/login log a user in
/api/logout logout
/api/version get version
/api/ls list of posts
/api/rm del post
/api/edit update post
/api/build load ablog build
/api/clean load ablog clean
/api/get get value of post
/api/conf get value of conf
/api/upload upload file
/api/download download file


list of parameters

  • ABLOG_HOST (default
  • ABLOG_PORT (default 5000)
  • ABLOG_CONF_DIR (default .)
  • ABLOG_DOCTREES (from conf of ablog if null)
  • ABLOG_BUILDER (from conf of ablog if null)
  • ABLOG_WEBSITE (from conf of ablog if null)
  • ABLOG_LEVEL_LOG (default logging.DEBUG)
  • ABLOG_USER_XX OR USERS (default guest/guest)
  • ABLOG_ALLOWED_EXTENSIONS (default [‘txt’, ‘pdf’, ‘png’, ‘jpg’, ‘jpeg’, ‘gif’])

load configuration from 3 ways (in order)

  • from ~/.ablog/, sample
USERS = [{'id':0, 'username':'tutu','password':'toto'},
         {'id':1, 'username':'tyty','password':'titi'},
  • from env
export ABLOG_PORT=80
export ABLOG_USER_0='tutu:toto'
export ABLOG_USER_1='tyty:titi'
  • from command line for ABLOG
ablog-api -p 80



use Python 3

git clone
cd ablog_api
python install
cd test/blog
ablog build
cd ../../
python -m unittest discover -s test/

with requests module

import requests, json
r ='', data=json.dumps({"username":"guest", "password":"guest"}))
r ='')

V. 0.7.1

correction of title

V. 0.7.0

optimize, remove pickle

V. 0.6.2

optimize pickle

V. 0.6.1

add try except change format date

V. 0.6.0

add optimize

V. 0.5.1

correction of python version

V. 0.5.0

add python version

V. 0.4.0

change manage get (by data)

V. 0.3.0

change manage edit (by data)

V. 0.2.0

correction from dev ablog_cli

V. 0.1.0

first version cf readme

V. 0.0.1

  • init

Project details

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