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Find where to report a domain for abuse

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Yet another way to find where to report an abuse.


This tool is highly inspired from the following libraries:


  • Python 3.10+


pip install abuse_whois

# or if you want to use built-in REST API
pip install abuse_whois[api]


As a library

from abuse_whois import get_abuse_contacts

await get_abuse_contacts("")
await get_abuse_contacts("")
await get_abuse_contacts("")
await get_abuse_contacts("")

As a CLI tool

$ abuse_whois | jq .


$ uvicorn abuse_whois.api.main:app
INFO:     Started server process [2283]
INFO:     Waiting for application startup.
INFO:     Application startup complete.
INFO:     Uvicorn running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

$ http localhost:8000/api/whois/ address=

With Docker

git clone
cd abuse_whois
docker build . -t abuse-whois
docker run -i -d -p 8000:8000 abuse-whois


All settings can be done via environment variables or .env file.

Name Type Default Desc.
QUERY_TIMEOUT int 10 Timeout value for whois lookup (seconds)
QUERY_CACHE_SIZE int 1024 Cache size for whois lookup
QUERY_CACHE_TTL int 3600 Cache TTL value for whois lookup (seconds)
QUERY_MAX_RETRIES int 3 Max retries on timeout error
RULE_EXTENSIONS CommaSeparatedStrings yaml,yml Rule file extensions
ADDITIONAL_WHOIS_RULE_DIRECTORIES CommaSeparatedStrings Additional directories contain whois rule files
ADDITIONAL_SHARED_HOSTING_RULE_DIRECTORIES CommaSeparatedStrings Additional directories contain shared hosting rule files


abuse_whois works based on a combination of static rules and a parsing result of whois response.

Please submit a PR (or submit a feature request) if you find something missing.

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