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Acquia Cloud API v2 client library.

Project description

Python Acquia Cloud API v2

Python Client library to communicate with the Acquia Cloud API V2.

Pablo Fabregat - License

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Deprecation notice:

The following items will be removed in 2.0.3:

  • Support for environment variables ACQUIA_CLOUD_API_KEY and ACQUIA_CLOUD_API_SECRET; how the credentials are provided to the library is responsibility of the user. I've decided not to remove this, for now.

  • Tasks object; Acquia API is deprecating this as well, the Notifications object should be used instead


Please bear in mind that the library is being actively developed and most of its functionality is just a reduced set of what it should be.

Minimal request

acquia = Acquia(api_key, api_secret)
application = acquia.application("a47ac10b-58cc-4372-a567-0e02b2c3d470")


Using filters

subscription_name = "MySubsName"
filters = "name=" + subscription_name

application = acapi.applications(filters=filters).first()
dev_environment = application.environments()["dev"]



more_settings = {
  "max_execution_time": 10,
  "memory_limit": 192,
  "apc": 128,
  "max_input_vars": 1000,
  "max_post_size": 256,
  "sendmail_path": "/usr/bin/sendmail",
  "varnish_over_ssl": False



acapi2 now supports the notifications endpoint

Whenever an action is executed (e.g. a code import), the API will return a uuid for its correspondant task status (notification), this can be used to check on the status of the task itself"

notif_uuid = "d82a122d-b7b8-46fc-9999-39cb824fac8d"
notification = acquia.notification(notif_uuid)

You can also check on the current notifications for a specific application

filters = "name=@*myapp*"
app = acquia.applications(filters=filters).first()

notifications = app.notifications()
for uuid, notification in notifications.items():


Current version: 2.0.3


  • 2.x becomes the default repository branch,
  • Out of the beta status,
  • Notifications support,
  • Code coverage increase,
  • Clean up the original code a bit.
  • Support for backups.


  • Small release to put back support of credentials in environment variables, which is now being announced as deprecated.


  • Tasks endpoint removal (you should use notifications),
  • Credential environment variables removal,
  • Wait until a notification completes,
  • More support for log forwarding


  • Minor release: Added support for DB Backup Downloads


  • Credential environment variables removal (now for real :) ) I've decided not to remove this, for now,
  • Taken over since it dissapeared.
  • Support for environment cron operations


  • Distributions endpoint support,
  • Messages endpoint support,
  • Better exceptions handling.


This library was originally based on the Acquia API Python Library created by Dave Hall (

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