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Accelerator Toolbox

Project description


Accelerator Toolbox is a code used for simulating particle accelerators, used particularly for synchrotron light sources. It is hosted on Github. Its original implementation is in Matlab.

pyAT is a Python interface to Accelerator Toolbox. It uses the ‘pass methods’ defined in Accelerator Toolbox, implemented by compiling the C code used in the AT ‘integrators’ into a Python extension. These pass methods are used by higher-level functions to provide physics results.

See the pyAT website for a more detailed introduction.

pyAT supports Python 3.7 to 3.11.


Install accelerator-toolbox from PyPI:

$ pip install accelerator-toolbox


Example usage:

>>> import at
>>> ring = at.Lattice.load('machine_data/hmba.mat')
>>> print(at.radiation_parameters(ring))
          Frac. tunes: [0.2099983  0.34001317 0.00349013]
                Tunes: [76.2099983  27.34001317]
       Chromaticities: [5.73409894 3.91761206]
Momentum compact. factor: 8.506669e-05
          Slip factor: -8.505944e-05
               Energy: 6.000000e+09 eV
   Energy loss / turn: 2.526189e+06 eV
Radiation integrals - I1: 0.07179435013387388 m
                   I2: 0.13844595446798158 m^-1
                   I3: 0.003357584058614851 m^-2
                   I4: -0.07375725030666251 m^-1
                   I5: 5.281495714523264e-07 m^-1
      Mode emittances: [1.3148797e-10           nan           nan]
Damping partition numbers: [1.53275121 1.         1.46724879]
        Damping times: [0.00872477 0.0133729  0.00911427] s
        Energy spread: 0.000934463
         Bunch length: 0.0030591 m
     Cavities voltage: 6000000.0 V
    Synchrotron phase: 2.70701 rd
Synchrotron frequency: 1239.74 Hz

For more examples of how to use pyAT, see pyat_examples.rst.

Developer Notes

Developer notes are in developers.rst.

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