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Event dispatch in Python 3.8 using asyncio

Project description

Event dispatch in Python 3.8 using asyncio


pip install accordian

Getting Started

import asyncio
from accordian import signal
my_event = signal("my_event")

async def pow(x, y):
    await asyncio.sleep(0.1)
    print(f"pow({x}, {y})")
    return x ** y

async def diff(x, y):
    await asyncio.sleep(0.2)
    print(f"diff({x}, {y})")
    return max(x, y) - min(x, y)

# create events without blocking
async def create():
    my_event.send(4, 6)
    my_event.send(0, 1)

# or block and collect results from all receivers
async def collect():
    results = await my_event.join(10, 3)
    assert set(results) == {1000, 7}

# signals without receivers return no results
async def empty():
    sig = signal("unknown")
    results = await sig.join(1, "foo", None)
    assert results == []


By default, accordian.signal creates signals in a global namespace. You can create your own namespaces to group signals together. Here, a processor is passed the region and stage to create deployment tasks:

from accordian import Namespace
regions = {"east": Namespace(), "west": Namespace()}

async def deploy_east_dev(s3_url, creds):

async def deploy_east_prod(s3_url, creds):
    # remove pre-prod feature flags
    await sanitize_prod(s3_url, "east")

async def deploy_west_prod(s3_url, creds):
    # legacy region shims
    await patch_west_bundle(s3_url)
    await sanitize_prod(s3_url, "west")

async def deploy(region, stage):
    s3_url = await bundle_for_region(region, stage)
    creds = await creds_for_region(region, stage)
    signal = regions[region].signal(stage)

    # create the deployment task without waiting
    signal.send(s3_url, creds)

# create deployment tasks"east", "dev"))"west", "prod"))

# wait for deployments to complete
async def wait_for_tasks():
    running = asyncio.all_tasks()
    await asyncio.wait(running)


Contributions welcome! Please make sure tox passes before submitting a PR.


To set up a virtualenv and run the test suite:

git clone
make venv

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