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ACT workers

Project description

ACT Workers


This repository contains workers for the ACT platform.

The source code the workers are available on github.


To use the workers, install from PyPi:

sudo pip3 install act-workers

This will install scripts for all workers:

  • act-argus-case
  • act-attack
  • act-country-regions
  • act-misp-feeds
  • act-mnemonic-pdns
  • act-origin
  • act-scio
  • act-search-graph
  • act-shadowserver-asn
  • act-uploader
  • act-url-shorter-unpack
  • act-veris
  • act-vt


All workers support the optional arguments --origin-name and --origin-id. If they are not specified, facts will be added with the origin of the user performing the upload to the platform.

For managing origins, use the tool act-origin which can list, add and delete origins.

Add origin

$ act-origin --act-baseurl <BASEURL> --user-id <USERID> --add
Origin name: myorigin
Origin description: My Test Origin
Origin trust (float 0.0-1.0. Default=0.8):
Origin organization (UUID):
[2019-11-11 10:46:22] app=origin-client level=INFO msg=Created origin: myorigin
Origin added:
Origin(name='myorigin', id='e5a9792e-78c7-4190-9275-27616be47ca8', organization=Organization(), description='My Test Origin', trust=0.8)

List origins

$ act-origin --act-baseurl <BASEURL> --user-id <USERID> --list
Origin(name='Test origin', id='5da8b157-5129-4f2f-9b90-6d624d62eebe', organization=Organization(), description='My test origin', trust=0.5)

Delete origin

$ act-origin --act-baseurl <BASEURL> --user-id <USERID> --delete --origin-id e5a9792e-78c7-4190-9275-27616be47ca8
Origin deleted: e5a9792e-78c7-4190-9275-27616be47ca8

Worker usage

To print facts to stdout:

$ act-country-regions
{"type": "memberOf", "value": "", "accessMode": "Public", "sourceObject": {"type": "country", "value": "Afghanistan"}, "destinationObject": {"type": "subRegion", "value": "Southern Asia"}, "bidirectionalBinding": false}
{"type": "memberOf", "value": "", "accessMode": "Public", "sourceObject": {"type": "subRegion", "value": "Southern Asia"}, "destinationObject": {"type": "region", "value": "Asia"}, "bidirectionalBinding": false}

Or print facts as text representation:

$ act-country-regions --output-format str
(country/Afghanistan) -[memberOf]-> (subRegion/Southern Asia)
(subRegion/Southern Asia) -[memberOf]-> (region/Asia)

To add facts directly to the platform, include the act-baseurl and user-id options:

$ act-country-regions --act-baseurl http://localhost:8888 --user-id 1


All workers support options specified as command line arguments, environment variables and in a configuration file.

A utility to show and start with a default ini file is also included:

act-worker-config --help
usage: ACT worker config [-h] {show,user,system}

positional arguments:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit

    show - Print default config

    user - Copy default config to /home/fredrikb/.config/actworkers/actworkers.ini

    system - Copy default config to /etc/actworkers.ini

You can see the default options in act/workers/etc/actworkers.ini.

The configuration presedence are (from lowest to highest):

  1. Defaults (shown in --help for each worker)
  2. INI file
  3. Environment variable
  4. Command line argument


Arguments are parsed in two phases. First, it will look for the argument --config argument which can be used to specify an alternative location for the ini file. If not --config argument is given it will look for an ini file in the following locations:

~/.config/<CONFIG_ID>/<CONFIG_FILE_NAME> (or directory specified by $XDG_CONFIG_HOME)

The ini file contains a "[DEFAULT]" section that will be used for all workers. In addition there are separate sections for each worker which you can use to configure worker-specific options, and override default options.

Environment variables

The configuration step will also look for environment variables in uppercase and with "-" replaced with "_". For the example for the option "cert-file" it will look for the enviornment variable "$CERT_FILE".


All workers requires python version >= 3.5 and the act-api library:

In addition some of the libraries might have additional requirements. See requirements.txt for a full list of all requirements.

Proxy configuration

Workers will honor the proxy-string option on the command line when connecting to external APIs. However, if you need to use the proxy to connect to the ACT platform (--act-baseurl), you will need to add the "--proxy-platform" switch:

echo -n | act-vt --proxy-string <PROXY> --user-id <USER-ID> --act-baseurl <ACT-HOST> --proxy-platform

Local development

Use pip to install in local development mode. act-workers (and act-api) uses namespacing, so it is not compatible with using install or develop.

In repository, run:

pip3 install --user -e .


A worker to run graph queries is also included. A sample search config is inscluded in etc/searc_jobs.ini:

act-search-graph etc/search_jobs.ini

Project details

Download files

Download the file for your platform. If you're not sure which to choose, learn more about installing packages.

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