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A Python implementation of ADB with shell and FileSync functionality.

Project description

Documentation for this package can be found at

Prebuilt wheel can be downloaded from

This Python package implements ADB shell and FileSync functionality. It originated from python-adb.


pip install adb-shell


To utilize the async version of this code, you must install into a Python 3.7+ environment via:

pip install adb-shell[async]

USB Support (Experimental)

To connect to a device via USB, install this package via:

pip install adb-shell[usb]

Example Usage

(Based on androidtv/

from adb_shell.adb_device import AdbDeviceTcp, AdbDeviceUsb
from adb_shell.auth.sign_pythonrsa import PythonRSASigner

# Load the public and private keys
adbkey = 'path/to/adbkey'
with open(adbkey) as f:
    priv =
with open(adbkey + '.pub') as f:
     pub =
signer = PythonRSASigner(pub, priv)

# Connect
device1 = AdbDeviceTcp('', 5555, default_transport_timeout_s=9.)
device1.connect(rsa_keys=[signer], auth_timeout_s=0.1)

# Connect via USB (package must be installed via `pip install adb-shell[usb])`
device2 = AdbDeviceUsb()
device2.connect(rsa_keys=[signer], auth_timeout_s=0.1)

# Send a shell command
response1 ='echo TEST1')
response2 ='echo TEST2')

Generate ADB Key Files

If you need to generate a key, you can do so as follows.

from adb_shell.auth.keygen import keygen


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adb_shell-0.4.4.tar.gz (61.8 kB view hashes)

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