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Aedificator - Python project scaffolding tool

Project description


Python project scaffolding tool.


$ pip install aedificator


In the directory where you want the scaffolding to happen, type

$ aedificate your_project_name

This will create a following structure:

├── .dockerignore
├── .flake8
├── .gitignore
├── Makefile
├── src
│   └── your_project_name
│       └──
├── tests
│   └──
└── tox.ini

You can now start putting your code in the src/your_project_name directory.

Additional options

  • --target-dir change the directory where the scaffolding happens (default: .)
  • --line-length change the maximum line length to be enforced by Black and flake8

Consult $ aedificate --help for up-to-date info.

Aedificator comes with preconfigured formatting, linting, type checking and testing options, leveraging the power of tox. If you do not have tox installed, type

$ pip install tox

Now, use

$ tox -e linters

for formatting, linting, and type checking (or tox -e format|flake8|mypy for just one of them) and

$ tox -e py37|py38|py39|p310

for your test suites.


$ tox

if you want it all. ;)

A small note: tox will fail as long as you have no tests in your tests directory. If you like to see green colour, while you still have no tests, limit yourself to tox -e linters (and hurry to add some tests)

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