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Advanced Framework for Learning Astrophysical Knowledge

Project description

aflak - Advanced Framework for Learning Astrophysical Knowledge

.. figure::
:alt: Build status

**IN ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT: Features and API highly unstable!**


Support Python3.5+.


You can install `aflak` using any of the following methods.

Using pip

This is the recommended way of installing aflak as a user. Please make sure
to install `aflak` for python 3.x. It will not work on python 2.x.

.. code :: bash

pip install aflak # pip should point to python3!
pip3 install aflak # Use `pip3' if you are on Debian or Ubuntu

Depending on your python install, you should be able to run aflak form the
command line with any of these commands

.. code :: bash

aflak # This should work in most environment
python -m aflak # `python' should be the python 3.x interpreter!
python3 -m aflak

Using .deb files

*Only `Debian Stretch` and `Ubuntu 17.10` are supported for now.*

Download the .deb file of the latest release from

Install it with:

.. code :: bash

sudo dpkg -i aflak-X.X.X-release.deb
# If dependencies are missing, you should then run:
sudo apt-get install -f

Remove it with:

.. code :: bash

sudo apt-get remove aflak

From source locally

.. code :: bash

git clone
cd aflak
virtualenv -p python3 venv
. ./venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Open a FITS file


aflak my-fits-file.fits

The provided FITS file is required to have the following extensions:

- 'FLUX': 3D data containing 2D luminosity component for each wavelength value
- 'WAVE': 1D data containing value of each target wavelength

After some fiddling you should be able to get a window like below:

.. figure:: images/2017-11-13-screenshot.jpg?raw=true
:alt: Screen capture of the running GUI application

Get sample FITS files

The Makefile contains a few recipes to get sample fits files.
Run make as below:


make data/manga-7443-12703-LINCUBE.fits

To see a fits file header


fold -w 80 foo.fits | less


- Show arbitrary sums over spectral data (currently only show one frame)
- Benchmark / Test with several fits files
- Set a label on the histogram's Y-axis (flux [1E-17 erg/s/cm^2])



- Delete Menu button inherited from pyqtgraph (59167a5)



- Image orientation (240e4cf)
- Crash on Python 3.5 (691f08d)
- Can also use `-v` flag to output version (50acf19)
- Fix crash in (538cb89)



- Crash on Python 3.5 (c3cf229)



- Include compass showing North (red) and East (blue) directions
- Tick labels of image axes are shown in absolute and relative equatorial


- Read waveform's unit from FITS header (31fd99b)



- Add icon to debian release



- Make .deb files for easy distribution


- Force use of PyQt5, even if PyQt4 happen to be installed (28cb7a0)
- Increase size of ROI handles, making them easier to be grabbed (e533168)



- Add 3 types of ROI: polygonal, ecliptic and semi-automatic. In semi-automatic
mode, the use is free to choose and point and a threshold. All the points
above the threshold around the selected point will be inside the ROI.
- Add a "Recent Files" menu. No need to look far away for your FITS files.


- Delete ROI button and move ROI management inside menu.


- Output of --version under some some circumstances (fa7e211)
- Name of main window is set to 'aflak' (6677775)



- FITS menu from which FITS header can be seen
- Version flag to CLI
- `About' dialog box in Help menu


Fix: Run aflak as module (with `python -m aflak`)


- Include some unit tests
- Include units in waveform axes, read from loaded FITS files


Fix: Use logarithmic scale on brightness histograms


Very first version released on PyPI. Can only open FITS files and visualize
FLUX and WAVE data.

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