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Async generators for humans

Project description

# Agent: Async generators for humans

**agent** provides a simple decorator to create python 3.5 [asynchronous iterators]( via `yield`s

## Examples

Make people wait for things for no reason!
import agent
import asyncio

@agent.gen # Shorthand decorator
def wait_for_me():
yield 'Like '
yield from asyncio.sleep(1)
yield 'the line '
yield from asyncio.sleep(10)
yield 'at '
yield from asyncio.sleep(100)
yield 'the DMV'

async for part in wait_for_me():

Paginate websites in an easy asynchronous manner.
import agent
import aiohttp

def gen():
page, url = 0, ''
while True:
resp = yield from aiohttp.request('GET', url, params={'page': page})
resp_json = (yield from resp.json())['data']
if not resp_json:
for blob in resp_json['data']:
yield blob
page += 1

# Later on....

async for blob in gen():
# Do work

**The possibilities are endless!**

For additional, crazier, examples take a look in the [tests directory](tests/).

## Get it

$ pip install -U agent

## Caveats

`yield from` syntax must be used as `yield` in an `async def` block is a syntax error.

async def generator():
yield 1 # Syntax Error :(

`asyncio.Future`s can not be yield directly, they must be wrapped by `agent.Result`.

## License

MIT licensed. See the bundled [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for more details.

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