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Agreementr is a package used to predict the value of agreement of texts.

It is based on a fine tuned BERT model.


Use pip

If pip is installed, agreementr could be installed directly from it:

pip install agreementr



Usage and Example

Notes: During your first usage, the package will download a model file automatically, which is about 400MB.


predict is the core method of this package, which takes a single text of a list of texts, and returns a list of raw values in [1,5] (higher means more agreement, while lower means less).

Simplest usage

You may directly import agreementr and use the default predict method, e.g.:

>>> import agreementr
>>> agreementr.predict(["I am totally agree with you"])

Construct from class

Alternatively, you may also construct the object from class, where you could customize the model path and device:

>>> from agreementr import Agreementr
>>> ar = Agreementr()

# Predict a single text
>>> ar.predict(["I am totally agree with you"])

# Predict a list of texts
>>> preds = ar.predict(['I am totally agree with you','I hate you'])
>>> f"Raw values are {preds}"
[4.3568916 2.42935]

More detail on how to construct the object is available in docstrings.

Model using multiprocessing when preprocessing a large dataset into BERT input features

If you want to use several cpu cores via multiprocessing while preprocessing a large dataset, you may construct the object via

>>> ar = Agreementr(CPU_COUNT=cpu_cpunt, CHUNKSIZE=chunksize)

If you want to faster the code through multi gpus, you may construct the object via

>>> ar = Agreementr(is_paralleled=False, BATCH_SIZE = batch_size)


Junjie Wu (

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