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Optimizes Supply Side Management with Agrivoltaics by Artificial Intelligence

Project description

Agrivoltaics Supply Side Management

Optimizes Supply Side Management with Agrivoltaics (Solar sharing between Photovoltaics and Agriculture) by Artificial Intelligence.


Use the package manager pip to install agrivoltaics-supply-side-management.

Case 1

When using by cloning this GIT repository:


Case 2

When using a package available in PyPI:

pip install agrivoltaics-supply-side-management


We use Python library for mathematical optimization, called Pyomo. As in any mathematical optimization tool, it requires a solver.

For Linear Programming, glpk is used as a solver by default following Pyomo tutorial.

In Macintosh, install it through Homebrew:

brew install glpk

For other platforms, see


[To be added]


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