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A library for the development of Gemini clients

Project description


Agunua is a Python library for the development of Gemini clients.


You need Python 3 and PyOpenSSL. You can install the dependencies with pip pip3 install agunua.


import Agunua
u = Agunua.GeminiUri(url)

Main attributes of GeminiUri objects:

  • network_success: was retrieved successfully
  • status_code: if retrieved successfully, the Gemini two-digit status code


Command-line client

agunua is a simple Gemini command-line client, a bit like curl. You can just call:

agunua YOUR-URL

And you will get its content. Interesting options:

  • --insecure: do not check the certificate
  • --verbose: more talkative


Agunua is a melanesian serpent god. Caduceus would have been better for a Python + Gemini project since there are two snakes on a caduceus but it was already used.




Stéphane Bortzmeyer

Reference site Use the Gitlab issue tracker to report bugs or wishes. But you can of course also access it with gemini at gemini://

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