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aim.models: Semantic cloud infrastructure configuration file format and object model

Project description


An object model for semantic cloud infrastructure.

aim.models parses a directory of YAML files that compose an AIM Project and loads them into a complete object model.

What's in the model?

The model defines common logical cloud infrastructure concepts, such as networks, accounts, applications and environments.

The model uses network and applications as hierarchical trees of configuration that can have their values over rode when they are placed into environments. Environments live in a network and contain applications, and typically represent the stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), such as 'development', 'staging' and 'production'.

The model has a declarative schema that explicitly defines the fields for each object type in the model. This schema declares not only type (e.g. string, integer) but can also declare defaults, min and max values, constrain to specific values, and define invariants that ensure that if one field has a specific value, another fields value is compatabile with that. The model will validates these fields when it loads an AIM Project.


Install this package with your Python tool of choice. Typically set-up a virtualenv and pip install the dependencies in there:

python -m venv env

./env/bin/pip install -e .

There are unit tests using PyTest. If you are using VS Code you can turn on the "Py Test Enabled" setting and run "Discover Unit Tests" command.

Changelog for aim.models

6.0.0 (2019-09-27)


  • ICloudWatchAlarms have enable_ok_actions and enable_insufficient_data_actions booleans that will send to the notification groups when the alarm enters the OK or INSUFFICIENT_DATA states.

  • references.get_model_obj_ref will resolve an aim.ref to a model object and won't attempt to do Stack output lookups.

  • Service plug-ins are loaded according to an initilization_order integer that each plug-in can supply. If no integer is supplied, loading for unordered plug-ins count up from 1000.

  • Minimal API Gateway models for Methods, Resources, Models and Stages.

  • S3Bucket NotificationConfiguration for Lambdas.

  • S3Bucket has get_bucket_name() to return the full computed bucket name.

  • IGlobalResources for project['resource'] to contain config from the ./Resources/ directory. Resources such as S3 and EC2 now implement INamed and are loaded into project['resource'].

  • ISNSTopic has cross_account_access which grants sns:Publish to all accounts in the AIM Project.

  • IAccountContainer and IRegionContainer are lightweight containers for account and region information. They can be used by Services that want to set-up Resources in a multi-account, multi-region manner.


  • CloudTrail defines CloudWatchLogGroup as a sub-object rather than an aim.ref.

  • Alarms have get_alarm_actions_aim_refs renamed from get_alarm_actions as alarms can only provide aim.refs and need to get the ARNs from the stacks.

  • NotificationGroups are now Resources. Now they have regular working aim.ref's.

5.0.0 (2019-08-26)


  • New field aim.models.reference.FileReference which resolves the path and replaces the original value with the value of the file indicated by the path. IApiGatewayRestApi.body_file_location uses this new field.

  • ApiGatewayRestApi and CloudWatchAlarm have a cfn_export_dict property that returns a new dict that can be used to created Troposphere resources.

  • Added external_resource support to the ACM

  • Added ReadOnly support to the Administrator IAMUserPermission


  • Multi-Dimension Alarms now need to specify an aim.ref as the Value.

  • Added IAMUser schemas and loading for IAM users.

  • Added a CommaList() schema type for loading comma separated lists into schema.List()

  • Moved aim reference generation into the Model. Model objects now have .aim_ref and .aim_ref_parts properties which contain their aim.ref reference.


  • Invariants were not being check for resources. Invariants need to be checked by the loader if they are not contained in a zope.schema.Object field, which will run the check behind the scenes.


  • Renamed project['ne'] to project['netenv']

  • Modified NatGateway segments to aim references

4.0.0 (2019-08-21)


  • IVPCPeering and IVPCPeeringRoute have been added to the model for VPC Peering support.

  • Added a CloudTrail schema configured in Resources/CloudTrail.yaml.

  • IS3BucketPolicy now has principal and condition fields. principal can be either a Key-Value dictionary, where the key is either 'AWS', 'Service', etc. and the value can be either a String or a List. It is an alternate to the aws field, which will remain for setting simpler AWS-only principals. The condition field is a Key-Value dictionary of Key-Value filters.

  • Alarm now has 'get_alarm_actions' and 'get_alarm_description' to help construct alarms.

  • CloudTrail has a 'get_accounts' which will resolve the CloudTrail.accounts field to a list of Account objects in the model.

  • IAlarm has description and runbook_url fields.

  • CodePipeBuildDeploy.resolve_ref() function covers wider scope of ref lookups

  • Added VPCPeering to the model.

  • Added IElastiCache and IElastiCacheRedis to the model.


  • MonitorConfig/LogSets.yaml has been renamed to MonitorConfig/Logging.yaml. CloudWatch logging is under the top level cw_logging key. The schema has been completely reworked so that LogGroups and LogSets are properly modelled.

  • IAccount.region, IEC2KeyPair.region and ICredentials.aws_default_region no longer have us-west-2 as a default. The region needs to be explicity set.


  • IAlarm.classification is now a required field.

3.1.0 (2019-08-08)


  • aim-project-version.txt file in the root directory can now contain the AIM Project YAML version. IProject now has an aim_project_version field to store this value.

  • ICloudWatchAlarm gets a namespace field. Can be used to override the default Resource namespace, for example, use 'CWAgent' for the CloudWatch agent metrics.

  • IResource now has a resource_fullname field. The fullname is the name needed to specify for a metric in a CloudWatch Alarm.

  • ICloudWatchAlarm now has a dimensions field, which is a List of Dimension objects.

  • ITargetGroup now inherits from IResource. It loads resource_name from outputs.

3.0.0 (2019-08-06)


  • New MonitorConfig/NotificationGroups.yaml that contains subscription groups for notifications.

  • sdb_cache field for Lambda.

  • Lambda can have alarms.

  • ISNSTopic and ISNSTopicSubscription to model SNS.


  • All references have been renamed to start with aim.ref for consistency.

  • AlarmSets, AlarmSet and Alarm all now implement INamed and are locatable in the model

  • Service plugins can load their outputs

2.0.0 (2019-07-23)


  • Schema for Notifications for subscribing to Alarms

  • Added S3Resource for Resources/S3.yml configuration

  • Added Lambda resolve_ref support


  • Services are loaded as entry_point plugins named

  • Refactored the models applications, resources, and services.

  • Renamed IRoute53 to IRoute53Resource.


  • CloudWatchAlarms now validate a classification field value of 'performance', 'health' or 'security' is supplied.

1.1.0 (2019-07-06)


  • Added function.ref to be able to look-up latest AMI IDs

  • Added more constraints to the schemas.

  • Added default to IS3Bucket.policy

  • Added Route53 to schema and model

  • Added redirect to Listner rules in the ALB


  • Description attribute for Fields is now used to describe constraints.

  • Ported CodeCommit to schema and model

  • Refactored S3 to use Application StackGroup

  • CPBD artifacts s3 bucket now uses S3 Resource in NetEnv yaml instead

  • Converted the ALB's listener and listener rules to dicts from lists


  • Removed unused yaml config from aimdemo under fixtures.

1.0.1 (2019-06-19)

  • Improvements to Python packaging metadata.

1.0.0 (2019-06-19)

  • First open source release

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