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Ayinope AIO Framework

Project description

A Python website bot development framework (WIP)


This project was created to aid the development of website bots and API wrappers. aio-framework handles task management and execution, session management, and captcha queue management (with threads!). Currently, captcha queue management supports 2Captcha. aio-framework is meant to decrease development time by providing common bot and API wrapper functionality.

Basic Usage

This module is available via pip:

$ pip install aio-framework

Basic ApiWrapper and Bot implementations are shown below. Bot implementations must implement the execute_task method.


from aio import ApiWrapper

class ExampleApiWrapper(ApiWrapper):
    BASE_URL = ''

    def get_product_data(self, product_url):
        response = self.get(product_url)
        return response.json()['data'] # Or something

    def add_product_to_cart(self, product_data, captcha_token):
        payload = {
            'product_data': product_data,
            'captcha': captcha_token
        endpoint = '/add-to-cart'
        response =, data=payload)
        return response.json()['success'] # Or something


from aio import Bot
from aio.captcha import CaptchaManager
from exampleapiwrapper import ExampleApiWrapper

class ExampleBot(Bot):
    def execute_task(self, task):
        example_api_wrapper = ExampleApiWrapper()

        twocaptcha_api_token = '2CAPTCHA_API_TOKEN_HERE'
        site_key = 'SITE_KEY_HERE'
        page_url = 'PAGE_URL_HERE'

        captcha_manager = CaptchaManager(twocaptcha_api_token, site_key, page_url)

        task.status = 'STARTED'

        product_url =['product_url']'Getting product data')
        product_data = example_api_wrapper.get_product_data(product_url)'Got product data!')'Waiting for captcha token')
        captcha_token = captcha_manager.wait_for_captcha_token()'Got captcha token!')'Adding product to cart')
        added = example_api_wrapper.add_product_to_cart(product_data, captcha_token)'Added product to cart!')

        task.status = 'FINISHED'


from aio import Task
from examplebot import ExampleBot

example_bot = ExampleBot()
task_data = {
    'product_url': ''
task = Task(task_data)

Project details

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