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IP Fabric asyncio client

Project description

Python Asyncio Client for IP Fabric

This package contains a Python 3.8+ asyncio client for use wih the IP Fabric product.

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Installating aio-ipfabric and supported versions

aio-ipfabric is available on PyPI:

pip install aio-ipfabric

Direct installation

pip install git+

Requests officially supports Python 3.8+.

Quick Start

from aioipfabric import IPFabricClient

async def demo_1_devices_list():
    Example code that uses IPFabricClient without contextmanager

    # create a client using environment variables (see next section)
    ipf = IPFabricClient()

    # alternatively create instance with parameters
    # ipf = IPFabricClient(base_url='', username='admin', password='admin12345')
    # ipf = IPFabricClient(base_url='', token='TOKENFROMIPF')
    # login to IP Fabric system
    await ipf.login()

    # fetch the complete device inventory
    device_list = await ipf.fetch_devices()
    # close asyncio connection, otherwise you will see a warning.
    await ipf.logout()
    return device_list

async def demo_2_devices_list():
    Example code that uses IPFabricClient as contextmanager

    # create a client using environment variables (see next section)
    async with IPFabricClient() as ipf:
        return await ipf.fetch_devices()    

Environment Variables

The following environment variable can be used so that you do no need to provide them in your program:

  • IPF_ADDR - IP Fabric server URL, for example ""
  • IPF_USERNAME - Login username
  • IPF_PASSWORD - Login password
  • IPF_TOKEN - A persistent API token

You can use either the login credentials or the token to login.

If you prefer not to use environment variables, the call to IPFabricClient() accepts parameters; refer to the help(IPFabricClient) for details.


See the docs directory.

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