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aio_sf_streaming is a simple Python 3.6 asyncio library allowing to connect and receive live notifications from Salesforce.

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aio-sf-streaming is a simple Python 3.6 asyncio library allowing to connect and receive live notifications from Salesforce. This library is provided to you by papernest.

See The streaming API developer guide for more information about the different uses cases and how configure your Salesforce organization.


  • asyncio compatible library

  • Authentication with username/password or refresh token

  • Subscribe to push topics and custom events

  • Receive events pushed by Salesforce

  • Auto-reconnect after too many time of inactivity

  • Replay support: replay events missed while your client is disconnected (see documentation for more information).

aio-sf-streaming only support Python 3.6.

Getting started

Simple use case:

import asyncio
from aio_sf_streaming import SimpleSalesforceStreaming

async def print_event():
    # Create client and connect
    async with SimpleSalesforceStreaming(
                    client_secret='my-client-secret') as client:
        # Subscribe to some push topics
        await client.subscribe('/topic/Foo')
        await client.subscribe('/topic/Bar')
        async for message in
            # client will wait indefinitely, you can ask to exit
            if message['channel'] == '/topic/Bar':
                # You can unsubscribe when you want, too
                await client.unsubscribe('/topic/Foo')

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


Simply use pip:

$ pip install aio-sf-streaming


An online documentation is available.


The library work well for our use-case then we does not plan a lot of new features.


If you find any problem, feel free to fill an issue. Pull-Request are also welcomed.

You can install development dependencies with:

$ pip install -e .[tests,docs]

Release history

  • v. 0.3.0: Remove date-time parsing of the replay mixin, allow client to customize ReSubscribeMixin retry conditions, allow retry conditions to extend duration.

  • v. 0.2.0: Add refresh token authentication

  • v. 0.1.1: Add documentation and initial typing information.

  • v. 0.1.0: Initial release.


aio-sf-streaming is offered under the MIT license.

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