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CouchDB client built on top of aiohttp (asyncio)

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CouchDB client built on top of aiohttp and made for asyncio.

Current status: beta. aiocouchdb has all CouchDB API implements up to 1.6.1 release. However, it may lack of some usability and stability bits, but work is in progress. Feel free to send pull request or open issue if you’d found something that should be fixed.


  • Modern CouchDB client for Python 3.3+ based on aiohttp

  • Complete CouchDB API support (JSON and Multipart) up to 1.6.1 version

  • Multiuser workflow with Basic Auth, Cookie, Proxy and OAuth support

  • Stateless behavior

  • Stream-like handling views, changes feeds and bulk docs upload

Roadmap (not exactly in that order):

  • Cloudant support

  • CouchDB 2.0 support

  • ElasticSearch CouchDB river support

  • GeoCouch support

  • Microframework for OS daemons and external handlers

  • Native integration with Python Query Server

  • Replicator-as-a-Library / Replicator-as-a-Service

  • Stateful API



0.9.1 (2016-02-03)

  • Read views and changes feeds line by line, not by chunks. This fixes #8 and #9 issues.

  • Deprecate Python 3.3 support. 0.10 will be 3.4.1+ only.

0.9.0 (2015-10-31)

  • First release in aio-libs organization (:

  • Add context managers for response and feeds objects to release connection when work with them is done

  • Use own way to handle JSON responses that doesn’t involves chardet usage

  • Add HTTPSession object that helps to apply the same auth credentials and TCP connector for the all further requests made with it

  • aiocouchdb now uses own request module which is basically fork of aiohttp one

  • AuthProviders API upgraded for better workflow

  • Fix _bulk_docs request with new_edit

  • Workaround COUCHDB-2295 by calculating multipart request body

  • Allow to pass event loop explicitly to every major objects

  • Fix parameters for Server.replicate method

  • Minor fixes for docstrings

  • Quite a lot of changes in Makefile commands for better life

  • Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.17.4 version

0.8.0 (2015-03-20)

  • Source tree was refactored in the way to support multiple major CouchDB versions as like as the other friendly forks

  • Database create and delete methods now return exact the same response as CouchDB sends back

  • Each module now contains __all__ list to normalize their exports

  • API classes and Resource now has nicer __repr__ output

  • Better error messages format

  • Fix function_clause error on attempt to update a document with attachments by using multipart request

  • Document.update doesn’t makes document’s dict invalid for further requests after multipart one

  • Fixed accidental payload sent with HEAD/GET/DELETE requests which caused connection close from CouchDB side

  • Added integration with Travis CI

  • Code cleaned by following pylint and flake8 notices

  • Added short tutorial for documentation

  • Minor fixes and Makefile improvements

0.7.0 (2015-02-18)

  • Greatly improved multipart module, added multipart writer

  • Document.update now supports multipart requests to upload multiple attachments in single request

  • Added Proxy Authentication provider

  • Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.14.0 version

0.6.0 (2014-11-12)

  • Adopt test suite to run against real CouchDB instance

  • Database, documents and attachments now provides access to their name/id

  • Remove redundant longnamed constructors

  • Construct Database/Document/Attachment instances through __getitem__ protocol

  • Add Document.rev method to get current document`s revision

  • Add helpers to work with authentication database (_users)

  • Add optional limitation of feeds buffer

  • All remove(…) methods are renamed to delete(…) ones

  • Add support for config option existence check

  • Correctly set members for database security

  • Fix requests with Accept-Ranges header against attachments

  • Fix views requests when startkey/endkey should be null

  • Allow to pass custom query parameters and request headers onto changes feed request

  • Handle correctly HTTP 416 error response

  • Minor code fixes and cleanup

0.5.0 (2014-09-26)

  • Last checkpoint release. It’s in beta now!

  • Implements CouchDB Design Documents HTTP API

  • Views refactoring and implementation consolidation

0.4.0 (2014-09-17)

  • Another checkpoint release

  • Implements CouchDB Attachment HTTP API

  • Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.9.1 version

  • Minor fixes for Document API

0.3.0 (2014-08-18)

  • Third checkpoint release

  • Implements CouchDB Document HTTP API

  • Support document`s multipart API (but not doc update due to COUCHDB-2295)

  • Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.9.0 version

  • Better documentation

0.2.0 (2014-07-08)

  • Second checkpoint release

  • Implements CouchDB Database HTTP API

  • Bulk docs accepts generator as an argument and streams request doc by doc

  • Views are processed as stream

  • Unified output for various changes feed types

  • Basic Auth accepts non-ASCII credentials

  • Minimal requirements for aiohttp raised up to 0.8.4 version

0.1.0 (2014-07-01)

  • Initial checkpoint release

  • Implements CouchDB Server HTTP API

  • BasicAuth, Cookie, OAuth authentication providers

  • Multi-session workflow

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