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A set of tools which simplify building cross-platform desktop apps with Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.

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A set of tools which simplify building cross-platform desktop apps with Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS.


In contrast to typical desktop GUI frameworks such as tkinter, wxPython, PyQt or Kivy:

  • does not define own widgets/layout system (Kivy, Qt, wx), simply use a browser as a platform which already provides those things
  • your app is client-server and cross-platform by design, different devices may use it simultaneously

Compared to existing alternatives such as Eel, async-eel and guy:

  • runs on asyncio instead of threads or gevent greenlets
  • highly customizable aiohttp server
  • no global state / singleton API


Install from pypi with pip:

pip install aiodesktop

Hello, World!

import aiodesktop

class Server(aiodesktop.Server):
    async def on_startup(self):

    # Use `expose` decorator to mark method as visible from JS
    async def get_string(self):
        # Use `await` to call JS functions from Python 
        return 'Hello, ' + await self.js.getWorld()

bundle = aiodesktop.Bundle()
server = Server(
    async function onConnect(server) {                        
        // Exposing JS function to python        
            async getWorld() {
                return 'World!'

        // Use `await` to call Python methods from JS
        document.body.innerHTML += await; 

See example/ for a slightly more complicated app with:

  • static files
  • pyinstaller executable
  • JS & webpack
  • https

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