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FTP in front of AWS S3, powered by asyncio and aiohttp

Project description

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FTP in front of AWS S3, using asyncio, and aiohttp. Only a subset of the FTP protocol is supported, with implicit TLS and PASV mode; connections will fail otherwise.


pip install aioftps3

An SSL key and certificate must be present $HOME/ssl.key and $HOME/ssl.crt respectively. To create a self-signed certificate, you can use openssl.

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -days 3650 -nodes -x509 -subj /CN=selfsigned \
    -keyout $HOME/ssl.key \
    -out $HOME/ssl.crt


python -m aioftps3.server_main


Configuration is through environment variables

Varaiable Description Example
AWS_AUTH_MECHANISM How requests to AWS are authenticated. Can be secret_access_key or ecs_role. If ecs_role it is expected that the server runs in an ECS container. secret_access_key
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID The ID of the AWS access key, if AWS_AUTH_MECHANISM is secret_access_key. ommitted
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY The secret part of the AWS access key, if AWS_AUTH_MECHANISM is secret_access_key ommitted
AWS_S3_BUCKET_REGION The region of the S3 bucket that stores the files. eu-west-1
AWS_S3_BUCKET_HOST The hostname used to communicate with S3.
AWS_S3_BUCKET_NAME The name of the bucket files are stored in. my-bucket-name
AWS_S3_BUCKET_DIR_SUFFIX The suffix of the keys created in order to simulate a directory. Must start with a forward slash, but does not need to be longer. /
FTP_USERS__i__LOGIN For i any integer, the username of an FTP user that can login. my-user
FTP_USERS__i__PASSWORD_HASHED For i any integer, the hash, as generated by, of the password of an FTP user that can login, using the salt in FTP_USERS__i__PASSWORD_SALT ommitted
FTP_COMMAND_PORT The port that the server listens on for command connections. 8021
FTP_DATA_PORTS_FIRST The first data port in the range for PASV mode data transfers. 4001
FTP_DATA_PORTS_COUNT The number of ports used after FTP_DATA_PORTS_FIRST. 30
FTP_DATA_CIDR_TO_DOMAINS__i__CIDR For i any integer, a CIDR range used to match the IP of incoming command connections. If a match is found, the IP of the corresponding domain or IP address in FTP_DATA_CIDR_TO_DOMAINS__i__DOMAIN is returned to the client in response to PASV mode requests. Some clients will respond to FTP_DATA_CIDR_TO_DOMAINS__i__DOMAIN being by making PASV mode data connections to the same IP as the original command connection, but not all.
HEALTHCHECK_PORT The port the server listens on for healthcheck requests, such as from an AWS network load balancer. 8022

Advanced usage

The code in aioftps3.server_main satisfies a very particular use case, which may not be useful to most. However, the bulk of the code can be used for other cases: you will have to write your own aioftps3.server_main-equivalent, using the functions aioftps3.server.on_client_connect and aioftps3.server_socket.server. For example, you could

  • Store credentials, appropriately hashed, differently, .e.g. in a database.
  • Have the credentials hashed differently.
  • Allow/deny PASV mode data connections based on some condition.

See the source of aioftps3.server_main for how these functions can be used.

Creating a password and salt

python ./

Running tests

Certificates must be created, and Minio, which emulates S3 locally, must be started

./ && ./

and then to run the tests themselves.


Features / Design / Limitations

  • Can upload files bigger than 2G: uses multipart upload under the hood.

  • Does not store uploading files in memory before uploading them to S3: i.e. it is effectively a streaming upload. However, it's not completely streaming: each part of multipart upload is stored in memory before it begins to transfer to S3, in order to be able to hash its content and determine its length.

  • For uploading files, hashes are computed incrementally as data comes in in order to not block the event loop just before uploads to S3.

  • As few dependencies as is reasonable: aiohttp and its dependencies. Boto 3 is not used.

  • May not behave well if upload to the server is faster than its upload to S3.

  • There is some locking to deal with the same files being operated on concurrently. However...

  • .... it does nothing to deal with eventual consistency of S3, and so some operations may appear to not have an immediate effect.

Building and running locally

docker build -t ftps-s3 . && \
docker run --rm -p 8021-8042:8021-8042 \
  -e AWS_AUTH_MECHANISM=secret_access_key \
  -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=ommitted \
  -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=ommitted \
  -e AWS_S3_BUCKET_REGION=eu-west-1 \
  -e \
  -e AWS_S3_BUCKET_NAME=my-bucket-name \
  -e FTP_USERS__1__LOGIN=user \
  -e FTP_USERS__1__PASSWORD_HASHED=ommitted \
  -e FTP_USERS__1__PASSWORD_SALT=ommitted \
  -e FTP_COMMAND_PORT=8021 \

Building and pushing to Quay

docker build -t ftps-s3 . && \
docker tag ftps-s3:latest && \
docker push

Building and pushing healthcheck application to Quay

docker build -t ftps-s3-healthcheck . -f Dockerfile-healthcheck && \
docker tag ftps-s3-healthcheck:latest && \
docker push

Building and pushing Minio, used for testing, to Quay

docker build -t ftps-s3-minio . -f Dockerfile-minio && \
docker tag ftps-s3-minio:latest && \
docker push

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