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admin interface for aiohttp application

Project description


aiohttp-admin allows you to create a admin interface in minutes. It is designed to be flexible and database agnostic.

It has built-in support for SQLAlchemy, allowing admin views to be created automatically from DB models (ORM or core).

To see how to use the 0.1 versions, please refer to the examples. Documentation will be updated at a later date.


To develop or build the project from source, you’ll need to build the admin JS file:

cd admin-js/
yarn install
yarn build

After that, it can be treated as any other Python project.


0.1.0a2 (2023-10-02)

  • Added permission_for() to create sqlalchemy permissions programatically.

  • Added field_props and input_props to the schema to pass extra props to components.

  • Added support for more relationships (one-to-many, many-to-one etc.).

  • Added a js_module option to include custom functions.

  • Added comp(), func() and regex().

  • Added show_actions to allow customising the show actions.

  • Set many additional props/validators from inspecting the SqlAlchemy models.

  • Migrated to Pydantic v2.

  • Fixed behaviour with dates and times.

  • Various minor improvements.

0.1.0a1 (2023-04-23)

  • Removed auth_policy parameter from setup(), this is no longer needed.

  • Added a default identity_callback for simple applications, so it is no longer a required schema item.

  • Added Permissions.all enum value (which should replace tuple(Permissions)).

  • Added validators to inputs (e.g. required, minValue etc. See examples/

  • Added extensive permission controls (see examples/

  • Added admin["permission_re"] regex object to test if permission strings are valid.

  • Added buttons for the user to change visible columns in the list view.

  • Added initial support for ORM (1-to-many) relationships.

  • Added option to add simple bulk update buttons.

  • Added option to customise resource icons in sidebar.

  • Added option to customise admin title and resource labels.

  • Added support for non-id primary keys.

  • Added default favicon.

  • Included JS map file.

  • Fixed autocomplete behaviour in reference inputs (e.g. for foreign keys).

  • Fixed handling of date/datetime inputs.

0.1.0a0 (2023-02-27)

  • Migrated to react-admin and completely reinvented the API.

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