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# aiohttp_prometheus_monitoring

This package allows to monitor availability of your aiohttp-application components and exports the metrics for prometheus scraper.

It can monitor:

- external host HTTP status
- postgres database status
- redis availability
- rabbit AMQP availability
- whatever else, as can be extended easily

It periodically calls services, stores boolean result in Gauge metrics and exports the metrics via the /metrics endpoint.

No additional workers required, everything is built-in into your app.

Then you can build graphs based on this data:


## Install:

pip install aiohttp_prometheus_monitoring[amqp,redis,postgres]

## Sample config:

'route_ping': '/ping',
'route_metrics': '/metrics',

'metrics': [
'name': 'monitoring_http',
'description': 'Check HTTP status',
'module': 'aiohttp_prometheus_monitoring.metrics.http.HttpMetric',
'sleep_time': 300,
'params': {
'url': 'http://localhost/my_ping/',
'timeout': 1,
'verify_ssl': True,
'name': 'monitoring_redis',
'description': 'Check redis connection',
'module': 'aiohttp_prometheus_monitoring.metrics.redis.RedisMetric',
'sleep_time': 60,
'params': {
'host': 'localhost',
'port': '6379',
'name': 'monitoring_mq',
'description': 'Check MQ connection',
'module': 'aiohttp_prometheus_monitoring.metrics.amqp.AmqpMetric',
'sleep_time': 60,
'params': {
'host': 'localhost',
'port': '5672',
'user': 'root',
'password': '123',
'vhost': 'myvhost',
'name': 'monitoring_postgres',
'description': 'Check postgres connection',
'module': 'aiohttp_prometheus_monitoring.metrics.postgres.PostgresMetric',
'sleep_time': 60,
'params': {
'database': 'core',
'user': 'core',
'password': 'core',
'host': 'localhost',
'port': 5433,

## Usage:

from aiohttp import web
from aiohttp_prometheus_monitoring import setup_monitoring

def create_app(loop=None):
app = web.Application()
loop.run_until_complete(setup_monitoring(settings.MONITORING, app))

return app

Check http://YOURAPP/ping and http://YOURAPP/metrics - /ping endpoint will respond "pong", /metrics endpoint will have metrics in prometheus format.

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