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http client/server for asyncio

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http client/server for asyncio

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aiohttp is offered under the Apache 2 license.


Getting started


To retrieve something from the web:

import aiohttp

def get_body(url):
    response = yield from aiohttp.request('GET', url)
    return (yield from

You can use the get command like this anywhere in your asyncio powered program:

response = yield from aiohttp.request('GET', '')
body = yield from

If you want to use timeouts for aiohttp client side please use standard asyncio approach:

yield from asyncio.wait_for(request('GET', url), 10)

Server (experimental)

In aiohttp 0.10 we’ve added highlevel API for web HTTP server.

There is simple usage example:

import asyncio
from aiohttp import web

def handle(request):
    name = request.match_info.get('name', "Anonymous")
    text = "Hello, " + name
    return web.Response(body=text.encode('utf-8')

def init(loop):
    app = Application(loop=loop)
    app.router.add_route('GET', '/{name}', handle)

    srv = yield from loop.create_server(app.make_handler, '', 8080)
    print("Server started at")
    return srv

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()


0.10.0 (11-13-2014)

  • Add aiohttp.web subpackage for highlevel http server support.

  • Add reason optional parameter to aiohttp.protocol.Response ctor.

  • Fix aiohttp.client bug for sending file without content-type.

  • Change error text for connection closed between server responses from ‘Can not read status line’ to explicit ‘Connection closed by server’

  • Drop closed connections from connector #173

  • Set server.transport to None on .closing() #172

0.9.3 (10-30-2014)

  • Fix compatibility with asyncio 3.4.1+ #170

0.9.2 (10-16-2014)

  • Improve redirect handling #157

  • Send raw files as is #153

  • Better websocket support #150

0.9.1 (08-30-2014)

  • Added MultiDict support for client request params and data #114.

  • Fixed parameter type for IncompleteRead exception #118.

  • Strictly require ASCII headers names and values #137

  • Keep port in ProxyConnector #128.

  • Python 3.4.1 compatibility #131.

0.9.0 (07-08-2014)

  • Better client basic authentication support #112.

  • Fixed incorrect line splitting in HttpRequestParser #97.

  • Support StreamReader and DataQueue as request data.

  • Client files handling refactoring #20.

  • Backward incompatible: Replace DataQueue with StreamReader for request payload #87.

0.8.4 (07-04-2014)

  • Change ProxyConnector authorization parameters.

0.8.3 (07-03-2014)

  • Publish TCPConnector properties: verify_ssl, family, resolve, resolved_hosts.

  • Don’t parse message body for HEAD responses.

  • Refactor client response decoding.

0.8.2 (06-22-2014)

  • Make ProxyConnector.proxy immutable property.

  • Make UnixConnector.path immutable property.

  • Fix resource leak for aiohttp.request() with implicit connector.

  • Rename Connector’s reuse_timeout to keepalive_timeout.

0.8.1 (06-18-2014)

  • Use case insensitive multidict for server request/response headers.

  • MultiDict.getall() accepts default value.

  • Catch server ConnectionError.

  • Accept MultiDict (and derived) instances in aiohttp.request header argument.

  • Proxy ‘CONNECT’ support.

0.8.0 (06-06-2014)

  • Add support for utf-8 values in HTTP headers

  • Allow to use custom response class instead of HttpResponse

  • Use MultiDict for client request headers

  • Use MultiDict for server request/response headers

  • Store response headers in ClientResponse.headers attribute

  • Get rid of timeout parameter in aiohttp.client API

  • Exceptions refactoring

0.7.3 (05-20-2014)

  • Simple HTTP proxy support.

0.7.2 (05-14-2014)

  • Get rid of __del__ methods

  • Use ResourceWarning instead of logging warning record.

0.7.1 (04-28-2014)

  • Do not unquote client request urls.

  • Allow multple waiters on transport drain.

  • Do not return client connection to pool in case of exceptions.

  • Rename SocketConnector to TCPConnector and UnixSocketConnector to UnixConnector.

0.7.0 (04-16-2014)

  • Connection flow control.

  • Http client session/connection pool refactoring.

  • Better handling for bad server requests.

0.6.5 (03-29-2014)

  • Added client session reuse timeout.

  • Better client request cancellation support.

  • Better handling responses without content length.

  • Added HttpClient verify_ssl parameter support.

0.6.4 (02-27-2014)

  • Log content-length missing warning only for put and post requests.

0.6.3 (02-27-2014)

  • Better support for server exit.

  • Read response body until eof if content-length is not defined #14

0.6.2 (02-18-2014)

  • Fix trailing char in allowed_methods.

  • Start slow request timer for first request.

0.6.1 (02-17-2014)

  • Added utility method HttpResponse.read_and_close()

  • Added slow request timeout.

  • Enable socket SO_KEEPALIVE if available. (@polymorphm)

0.6.0 (02-12-2014)

  • Better handling for process exit.

0.5.0 (01-29-2014)

  • Allow to use custom HttpRequest client class.

  • Use gunicorn keepalive setting for async worker.

  • Log leaking responses.

  • python 3.4 compatibility

0.4.4 (11-15-2013)

  • Resolve only AF_INET family, because it is not clear how to pass extra info to asyncio.

0.4.3 (11-15-2013)

  • Allow to wait completion of request with HttpResponse.wait_for_close()

0.4.2 (11-14-2013)

  • Handle exception in client request stream.

  • Prevent host resolving for each client request.

0.4.1 (11-12-2013)

  • Added client support for expect: 100-continue header.

0.4 (11-06-2013)

  • Added custom wsgi application close procedure

  • Fixed concurrent host failure in HttpClient

0.3 (11-04-2013)

  • Added PortMapperWorker

  • Added HttpClient

  • Added tcp connection timeout to http client

  • Better client connection errors handling

  • Gracefully handle process exit


  • Fix packaging

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