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An asyncio-compatible socket pool

Project description

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An asyncio-compatible socket pool. Simple, compact, easily extended.

If your application needs to connect to many remote hosts simultaneously (and often), it probably makes sense to keep connections open and re-use them rather than establishing a new connection for every request. Combining an asyncio event loop and a socket pool might be the way to go!

Based on socketpool.

Requires Python 3.7 or above.


Run a simple TCP echo server in a background thread, using the asyncio library.

import asyncio
import threading

# start a new event loop running in a background thread
def run_loop_forever(loop):

loop = asyncio.new_event_loop()

t = threading.Thread(name="BackgroundEventLoop", target=run_loop_forever, args=[loop], daemon=True)

# run a tcp echo server using asyncio in the background event loop
async def echo_handler(reader, writer):
    await writer.drain()

async def echo_server(tcp_port):
    server = await asyncio.start_server(echo_handler, "", tcp_port)
    await server.serve_forever()

asyncio.run_coroutine_threadsafe(echo_server(12345), loop)

Create a new TCP connection pool in the main thread, get a connection, and send and receive data.

from aiosocketpool import AsyncConnectionPool, AsyncTcpConnector

pool = AsyncConnectionPool(
    reap_connections=True,  # a background task will destroy old and idle connections
    max_lifetime=10,  # connections will remain idle at most 10 seconds
    max_size=10,  # we will maintain at most 10 idle connections in the pool

async def hello_world():
    async with pool.connection(host="", port=12345) as conn:
        await conn.sendall(b"hello world")
        print(await conn.recv(32))

await hello_world()

Create a bunch of connections and run them all concurrently.

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

tasks = []

for _ in range(25):


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