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An asynchronous SPARQL library using aiohttp

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An asynchronous SPARQL library using aiohttp


from aiosparql.syntax import (
    IRI, Namespace, Node, PrefixedName, RDF, RDFTerm, Triples)

# define a namespace

class Boo(Namespace):
    __iri__ = IRI("http://boo#")
    SomeClass = PrefixedName
    website = PrefixedName
    label = PrefixedName

# create a node

node = Node("<subject>", {
    RDF.type: Boo.SomeClass, IRI(""),
    Boo.label: "some label", # "some label" will be automatically escaped

# missing prefixed names will show on your IDE and fail on execution

print(Boo.something) # AttributeError!

# create triples

triples = Triples([("s", "p", "o")]) # o is automatically escaped
triples.append(("s",, IRI("")))
triples.extend([("s",, IRI(""))])

print(triples) # print the triples is a format usable directly in a SPARQL
               # query. It also groups by subject automatically for you

from aiosparql.client import SPARQLClient

client = SPARQLClient("")
result = await client.query("select * where {?s ?p ?o} limit 1")
# result is a dict of the JSON result
result = await client.update("""
    with {{graph}}
    insert data {
    """, triples)
# the triples will be automatically indented to produce a beautiful query

from aiosparql.escape import escape_any

print(escape_any(True)) # "true"
print(escape_any("foo")) # "foo"
print(escape_any(5)) # "5"
print(escape_any(5.5)) # "5.5"^^xsd:double


  • User space installation

    easy_install --user aiosparql
  • System wide installation

    easy_install aiosparql


  • Python >= 3.5


In order for the tests to run, you must have the following Docker containers started:

docker run -d --name travis-virtuoso -p 8890:8890 -e SPARQL_UPDATE=true tenforce/virtuoso:1.2.0-virtuoso7.2.2
docker run -d -p 3030:3030 --name travis-fuseki -e ADMIN_PASSWORD=PASSWORD -e ENABLE_DATA_WRITE=true -e ENABLE_UPDATE=true -e ENABLE_UPLOAD=true secoresearch/fuseki


This software has been produced by Dacota One.

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