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AIoT Studio

AIoT Studio is the official library to develop datasources, notebooks and dependency sets for mnubo's AIoT Studio.



  • Python 2.7 or Python 3.4 and up
  • requests
  • pandas ≥ 0.20
  • numpy

$ pip install aiot-studio

Simple datasource usage

from import to_pandas
from aiotstudio.logging import log

def execute(parameters):"Hello aiot-studio")
    result = to_pandas({
        "from": "event",
        "select": [{"count": "*"}]
    return result


The library needs to be configured with your mnubo API credentials. The credentials can be shared as follows (by decreasing order of priority):

  • Local config file: application.conf at the root of the project or anywhere indicated by the MNUBO_CONFIG_FILE environment variable
  • Global config file: ~/.settings/mnubo/application.conf (or C:\Users\<username>\.settings\mnubo\application.conf on Windows)

For the last two options, the configuration file should look like this:

mnubo_client_id = {API_CLIENT_ID}
mnubo_client_secret = {API_CLIENT_SECRET}
mnubo_api_url =

Available package

  • search
  • blobstore
  • logging


  • All "search" methods expect a MQL query as described in the search API documentation
  • Blob store methods are only available when the code runs inside mnubo's architecture, using it locally would throw a FeatureUnavailableError

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aiot-studio-1.1.153.tar.gz (7.5 kB view hashes)

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