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Asynchronous python library to test connection speed, based on the speedtest project.

Project description

AIO Speedtest

AIO Speedtest is a library written in Python to perform speed tests asynchronously and programmatically.

This project was made based on the existing Speedtest from which we shared several code snippets, what I did were few modifications to work asynchronously.

Basic Usage

import asyncio
from aiotestspeed.aio import Speedtest

units = ('bit', 1)

async def main():
    s: Speedtest = await Speedtest()
    await s.get_best_server()
    await s.upload()
    print('Ping: %s ms\nDownload: %0.2f M%s/s\nUpload: %0.2f M%s/s' %
          ( / 1000.0 / 1000.0) / units[1],
          (s.results.upload / 1000.0 / 1000.0) / units[1],

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
class Speedtest(aiobject):

    async def __init__(self, config=None, source_address=None, timeout=10, secure=False):

    async def best(self) -> dict:

    async def get_config(self) -> dict:
        """Download the configuration and return only the data
        we are interested in

    async def get_servers(self, servers: list = None, exclude: list = None) -> list:
        """Retrieve a the list of servers, optionally filtered
        to servers matching those specified in the ``servers`` argument

    async def set_mini_server(self, server: str) -> list:
        """Instead of querying for a list of servers, set a link to a
        speedtest mini server

    async def get_closest_servers(self, limit: int = 5) -> None:
        """Limit servers to the closest servers based on
        geographic distance.

    async def get_best_server(self, servers=None) -> dict:
        """Perform a "ping" to determine which
        server has the lowest latency.

            servers ([type], optional): [description]. Defaults to None.

            SpeedtestBestServerFailure: [description]

            dict: [description]

    async def download(self, callback=do_nothing) -> int:
        """Test download speed against

            callback ([type], optional): [description]. Defaults to do_nothing.

            int: [description]

    async def upload(self, callback=do_nothing, pre_allocate: bool = True) -> int:
        """Test upload speed against

            callback ([type], optional): [description]. Defaults to do_nothing.
            pre_allocate (bool, optional): [description]. Defaults to True.

            int: [description]


Project details

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