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Get readings from an Wave BTLE Radon detector

Project description

# Get Readings from an Airthings Wave and publish to MQTT server

[Airthings]( makes a BTLE Radon detector called "Wave". This is an executable intended to be called periodically from Cron or some other scheduler to publish readings to an MQTT server.

## Limitations

This application doesn't implement 'find' as provided in the example at

## API

class AirthingsWave:
def __init__(self, config_file):

Class instantiation requires a path to a config file in YAML format.

port: 1883

- name: "basement-radon"
addr: 98:07:2d:43:4d:ff

Before taking a reading, you should:

def ble_connect(self, addr):

Then you can:

def get_readings(self, p):
def publish_readings(self, name, readings):

## Example

c = sys.argv[1]


if count > 0:
while iter<count:
handle = atw.ble_connect(atw.waves[iter]["addr"])
r = atw.get_readings(handle)
atw.publish_readings(atw.waves[iter]["name"], r)
iter = iter+1
return True

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airthingswave-mqtt-0.2.tar.gz (4.9 kB view hashes)

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