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Handles user authentication, in a way.

Project description

.. code::

from alcohol.mixins.sqlalchemy import SQLAlchemyUserMixin

class User(Base, SQLAlchemyUserMixin):
id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)

bob = User()

# stores a hash of bobs password (using passlib)
bob.password = 'bobs_very_secret_password'

if bob.check_password(some_password):
print 'hello, bob!'

# creates a password-reset token that will work once to change his password
# after he forgot it, signed with the servers secret key
token = bob.create_password_reset_token(SECRET_KEY)

alcohol is a framework for handling user :doc:`authentication` and
:doc:`authorization`. Both of these parts can be used independently and support
SQLAlchemy_ and in-memory backends.

Authorization is handled using *Role Based Access Controls* (a
`NIST <>`_-standard) as the underlying

from alcohol.rbac import DictRBAC

acl = DictRBAC()
acl.assign('bob', 'programmer')
acl.assign('alice', 'ceo')

acl.permit('programmer', 'run_unittests')
acl.permit('ceo', 'hire_and_fire')

acl.allowed('bob', 'run_unittests') # True
acl.allowed('bob', 'hire_and_fire') # False
acl.allowed('alice', 'hire_and_fire') # True

.. this should be put back in once flask-alcohol is stable/in better shape
.. While suitable for use in stand-alone, non-web applications it is also a core
.. ingredient to `Flask-Alcohol <http://pypi.python .org/pypi/flask-alcohol/>`_, a
.. `Flask <>`_ library that takes this concept even
.. further.


alcohol also ships with a few SQLAlchemy_ mixins for handling updated/modified
timestamps, email fields, password-hashes and generating activation/reset
tokens for the latter two. See :doc:`mixins` for details.

.. [1]
.. _SQLAlchemy:

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