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Tools for learning about algorithms and data structures

Project description


A collection of useful tools for students taking an introductory course in algorithms and data structures.


pip install algoaid


  • Time complexity analysis of functions
  • Graphs
    • Represent: [weighted] [un]directed, disjoint-set/union find
    • Easy to input a graph
    • Run basic graph algorithms (DFS, BFS, MST, Dijkstra's and more)
    • Visualise results
  • Versatile Min/Max-heap with decrease/increase key functionality


  • Time complexity: analyse
  • Graph class: Graph
  • Priority queues: MinHeap, MaxHeap

Usage: Time Complexity Analysis

Analyse time complexity of a function with a single parameter:

1. Import

from algoaid import analyse

2. Define a Function

def f(n):
    j = 1
    while j * j < n:
        j += 1

3. Analyse


Example Result

Usage: Graphs

Construct various types of graphs and run a selection of popular graph algorithms:

1. Import

from algoaid import Graph

2. Declare the Graph (each line represents an edge)

edges = """
    0..2 6
    0..1 1
    0..5 2
    2..5 4


  • Undirected: [node1]..[node2] [weight (optional)]
  • Directed: [from]..[to] [weight (optional)]
  • Disjoint-set: [parent]..[child]

3. Construct the Graph

# construct undirected graph
g = Graph(edges, type=Graph.GraphType.GRAPH)

# construct directed graph
g = Graph(edges, type=Graph.GraphType.DI_GRAPH)

# construct disjoint set
g = Graph(edges, type=Graph.GraphType.DISJOINT_SET)

4. Display the Graph

g.display("My Graph")

5. Run Algorithms

# Run DFS from node 0

# Run BFS from node 0

# Compute MST (requires a weighted undirected graph)

# Run Dijkstra's algorithm from node 0 (requires a weighted graph)

# Topological sorting (requires a directed graph)

# Find with path compression (requires disjoint-set)

# Union (requires disjoint-set)
g.show_union("9", "11")

Example Results

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