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Algolia Query Builder

Project description

A library to help build queries for searching Algolia.

This package is meant to be used with the algoliasearch library.

PyPI version


An app I have been working on has a few points of code duplication and increased complexity. This package is a way for me to fix those issues and increase readability.


pip install algoliaqb

Filter Strings

By default filter_map considers all input as strings. This is pretty straight forward. Lets say for example you have the following filter map:

filter_map = {
    "group_id": "tenant_id",

with the following flask.args:

    "group_id": 1

AlgoliaQB will look for group_id within flask.args, grab the value, then remap the key and value for you.


Now lets try an example with a few more filters.

filter_map = {
    "group_id": "tenant_id",
    "is_reported": "is_reported"

with the following flask.args:

    "group_id": 1,
    "is_reported": "true

The returned filter_string is as follows.

tenant_id:1 AND is_reported:true

Library Usage Example:

from algoliasearch.search_client import SearchClient
from algoliaqb import AlgoliaQueryBuilder
from flask import request

aqb = AlgoliaQueryBuilder(
        "group_id": "tenant_id",
        "is_reported": "is_reported"

# Extract the search query from our flask apps request.args var.
search_query = aqb.get_search_query(request.args)
# Get the filter query from our request args.
filter_query = aqb.get_filter_query(request.args)

# Now that we have the filter string, we just pass it into the search function.

search_client = SearchClient()
index = search_client.init_index("contacts")
results =, {"filters": filter_query})

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