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Project description

Define your per-directory command aliases in Yaml, to get quick shortcuts (and avoid having to remember long commands).

WARNING: This project is still experimental, and things may change suddenly. Suggestions are welcome.


Configuration is held in a file, usually named ./.aliases, as a dictionary serialized in YAML format.

The main section is commands, a dict mapping alias names to their specification.

Command specification

  • command: command to be run, as a string
    • will be tokenized via shlex.split
    • string-format-style placeholders will be replaced:
      • positional arguments ({}, {1}) -> variadic arguments to the command
      • ..or explicit: {args[1]}
      • environment: {env[USER]}
      • vars (see below): {vars[USER]}
      • extra arguments will be appended to the command
  • env: environment for the command
    • not considered in string formatting
    • will go through the same formatting as commands
  • vars: to be replaced in env/command formatting


  • we want some way to prevent automatic appending of varargs
  • we might want to use jinja for formatting, so we can have conditionals / defaults
  • we might want inheritance, rather than having “nested” aliasing


    command: xvfb-run py.test --reuse-db -vvv ./tests/
      DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE: fooproject.settings.testing
      PYTHONPATH: "{env[HOME]}/Projects/fooproject"
    command: python
      DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE: fooproject.settings.testing
      PYTHONPATH: "{env[HOME]}/Projects/fooproject"

    command: aliasfile manage runserver

    command: aliasfile manage migrate

    command: aliasfile manage shell

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