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A dict that works with both hashable and non-hashable keys

Project description

All Purpose Dict

Table of Contents

What is it?

  • A dict which doesn't require hashable keys

Why create it?

  • I often have a need to store non-hashable keys in a dict. For example storing a dict as a key isn't possible with the builtin dict.

    # doesn't work
    someDict = { "key": "value" }
    anotherDict = { someDict: "anotherValue" }

Simple usage

from all_purpose_dict import ApDict

someDict = { "key": "value" }
anotherDict = ApDict([(someDict, "anotherValue")])

print(someDict in anotherDict) # prints True

See Also


Note: This api is young and subject to change quite a bit. There also may be functionality present in the builtin dict which ApDict doesn't cover. I'm willing to add it so please just raise a github issue or PR with details.

class ApDict([a list of pairs])

  • 'pairs' may be either a list or tuple with a length of 2
  • all methods return self unless specified otherwise
  • iterates in the order of insertion
  • views are not implemented because I don't have a need for them. Instead I expose keysIterator and valuesIterator. If you need views then raise a github issue.
  • the internal methods implemented are
    • __contains__
    • __delitem__
    • __getitem__
    • __iter__
    • __len__
    • __setitem__
  • a function alternative to del aDict[key]
get(key, default=None) => value
  • get the value for key if key is in the dictionary, else default.
  • note: this never raises a KeyError.
has(key) => bool
  • a function alternative to key in aDict
getKeysIterator() => ApDictKeysIterator
set(key, value)
  • a function alternative to aDict[key] = val
getValuesIterator() => ApDictValuesIterator


# you must have poetry installed
$ poetry shell
$ poetry install
$ python

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